Mar 17, 2016

Decibel 2016 Tour - Soundstage

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Featuring: Abbath, High On Fire, Skeletonwitch, Tribulation

March 17, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland

 Opening night of the Decibel tour was a resounding success and what made the night special was how each band was so diverse and represented a different style of metal.

 Tribulation played metal that’s part shoe gaze, part death metal; it’s hard to explain the at times ambient noise Tribulation made but their showmanship and genuine love for the music they make are what sold me on this band.

 Tribulation’s members are all dressed for the part of “Rock Star” with one guitarist even looking like a glam metal version of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs!

 The venue was 1/2 filled when Tribulation took the stage and by the end of their set it was packed in tight.  What disappointed me was how the crowd reacted to Tribulation.  Most people didn’t know what to make of them and I saw a large portion of the crowd looking at their phones instead of experiencing the onstage magic that is Tribulation!

 Skeletonwitch have a new singer and their style is a tad more aggressive now.  I feel like the band has moved a few steps forward since the last time I caught them and Skeletonwitch started the first circle pit of the night.  Sound wise Skeletonwitch were tight, their rhythm section was spot on, and their guitar tone was perfect.

 High on Fire…..the best way I can describe their set is that they were a wall of distortion!  Musically it was hard to tell what was going on when their set started.  After a few songs the set seemed to come together better and the extreme volume became less annoying over the duration of their set; Deafness makes it all better!

 Abbath were the nights headliner and their set was plagued with constant guitar issues.  For most of their set the twin guitar attack was reduced to just one guitar due in part to King Ov Hell’s guitar cutting out constantly. Abbath’s stage show was fun to watch and you can’t help but watch their set and think of KISS and Marilyn Manson at times due in part to the bands onstage look.

 All in all this was a killer night of metal music and this tour celebrates the diversity in all styles of metal.

 Abbath Set List:  To War, Winterbane, Nebular Ravens Winter, Warriors, Ashes of The Damned, Fenrir Hunts, Tyrants, One By One, Count To Dead, Root Of The Mountain, Solarfall, Endless, All Shall Fall

 High On Fire Set List:  Black Plot, Carcosa, Rumors, Luminiferous, Falconist, Hessian, Fertile, Zion, Snakes

Author: Bob Suehs