Mar 21, 2016

Mac Sabbath - Soundstage

Rock N Roll Experience reviews Mac Sabbath!
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Mac Sabbath

March 21, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland

 Mac Sabbath have a cult following and I recall first hearing of the band via a random internet posting which depicted artwork with the characters of McDonald’s coupled with the graphics of Black Sabbath.  It seemed like a funny joke but “Mac Sabbath” was an actual band and slowly videos started to surface which showed the band’s onstage insanity.

 Black Sabbath actually endorse Mac Sabbath and brought then overseas to play at the Download Festival which has been the bands biggest show to date.

 Ronald Osbourne does vocals, Slayer MacCheeze holds down the guitar, Grimalice plays bass, and Catburglar is the drummer.

 Prior to the band taking the stage a large striped curtain was wrapped around the stage which looked like a tent and created a carnival feel.  

 Stage wise there were evil clowns which smoked and shot lasers, and large Ronald heads stood atop each side of the stage.  The heads looked like an evil pez dispenser gone terribly wrong.

 Ronald took the stage in a straight jacket which had adorning pentagrams on each elbow while Slayer MacCheeze played a Tony Iommi model Gibson SG.  

 “More Ribs” (“War Pigs” parody) opened the show and musically Mac Sabbath nailed each Sabbath song while adding their own lyrical content which was primarily about fast food.

 Ronald drank from a large McDonald’s pale for part of the show, then switched over to water filled ketchup and mustard containers which he would randomly squirt the crowd with.

 Catburglar is equal parts Peter Criss (KISS) and the Hamburglar (McDonalds) but the star of the show is easily Slayer MacCheeze and his head gear that’s part Mayor McCheese and part Motorhead.

 One visual joke that most fans might have missed was the onstage barbecue grill which Ronald uses throughout the show.  The grill is clearly not real, but looks legit and is complete with fake burgers, a few fingers, buns, turners, and even a frying pan!

 The show is very family friendly despite how it looks.  Everyone who attends a Mac Sabbath performance will walk away entertained.

 “Pair-a-Buns” (“Paranoid” parody) closed the show and within 2 minutes of the show ending Ronald was in the crowd taking pics with fans.





Author: Bob Suehs