Mar 27, 2016

Rigor Mortis, Joe Strummer, and more

Category: CD/Video Reviews


“Welcome To Your Funeral - The Story of Rigor Mortis Pt. 1” DVD

 Rigor Mortis were a highly underrated thrash band from Texas who essentially were direct competition for Pantera before both bands were signed to major labels.

 Rigor Mortis featured Mike Scaccia on guitar and this documentary shows lost live clips and rarities which present a young Scaccia cutting his teeth and shredding his heart out.  Mike would later go on to play with Ministry which is where most people know him from.

 Rigor Mortis were actually signed before Pantera and this documentary shows the trials and tribulations the members of Rigor Mortis went through to become the band that they were.  There’s a comical moment where they openly admit to being freaked out by a gay label rep but the sad reality is that Rigor Mortis never went as far as they could have due in part to the band being too non-commercial.

 This dvd was released on Phil Anselmo’s label and he also narrated the entire movie.  It’s weird how Phil shit talks Pantera in random moments throughout this documentary; he needs to just be quiet sometimes.

Overall this was a great documentary on the band and there’s supposed to be a pt. 2 released but in all honesty this documentary covers more than enough for the casual fan.



“Joe Strummer On The Run” DVD

This movie is weird…it’s not anything the casual fan will enjoy BUT the packaging is very cool and comes with an actual retro cassette but in order to understand the reasoning behind the cassette you really need to watch this movie first, then it all makes sense.




Modern sounding, fresh, and in depth - the latest release by VA rockers Pale Blue Dot hit’s the mark with strong song writing, true vocals, and good overall structure.



“Fear Them - Tour Edition”

This 3 song EP kills!  Pure metal fury; Them is a horrible name for such a great group of musicians from Symphony X & Suffocation.  Dynamic, rich, and full of life, this 3 song EP rocks hard!



“The Power of Music”

Joe Bouchard is the original bassist for Blue Oyster Cult and this cd is available exclusively on his web site.  The cover art is in 3D and comes with 3D glasses and the music is rooted in hard rock coupled with classic rock elements.

 Song structure is what makes this record so interesting because every song takes off in one direction yet ends somewhere totally different and that’s what makes this disc unique.   

Author: Bob Suehs