Apr 2, 2016

Eyes Set To Kill / One Eyed Doll - Fish Head Cantina

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April 2, 2016

Fish Head Cantina

Baltimore, MD

 Dubbed “Visions Tour” because all of the bands on this tour have the word “Eye” in their name, featured One Eyed Doll with special guest Eyes Set To Kill.

 On this particular night it was pouring rain and the wind was whipping so hard on the venues plastic windows that you could feel a draft of cold air blowing through the venue at random moments during One Eyed Dolls set!

 Eyes Set To Kill were co-headliners on this tour and Alexia had a cold which she told the crowd was taking a toll on her although you would never know it based on the amazing performance she gave! 

Set wise E.S.T.K. played older songs with just one new song tossed in the mix.  I was impressed with the bands energy and their intro was a tribal moment where everyone but Alexia banged on drums.

 I was initially set to interview the band immediately after their set but their VIP unplugged set ran a tad over it’s scheduled time and my interview was nixed.  It was a nice surprise to receive a personal apology from the band the next day and they promised to make it up the next time they were in town. 

 Eyes Set To Kill have some very cool shirts for sale on this tour and the best one is the Miley Cyrus parody!

 One Eyed Doll were the big cheese this night and Kimberly played the part of a twisted heavy metal Monster High character while Junior anchored all of the beats and rhythm.  I caught One Eyed Doll several years ago and was blown away by the power these 2 possess onstage and years later the band is still active and even better than before!


Author: Bob Suehs