Apr 23, 2016

The Used - Rams Head Live

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April 23, 2016

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

 The Used Set List:  In Love and Death - Take It Away, I Caught Fire, Let It Bleed, All That I’ve Got, Cut Up Angels, Listening, Yesterday’s Feelings, Light With a Sharpened Edge, Sound Effects and Overdramatics, Hard To Say, Lunacy Fringe, I’m a Fake, ENCORE: Pretty Handsome Awkward

 I remember the first time I saw The Used; it was Ozzfest 2002 and the band had just released their debut record.  Musically there was no other band on that Ooziest bill quite like The Used and I hung out with the bands singer briefly before and after the show.  I remember standing on the side of the stage and Bert appeared to be sick; 3 songs into the set Bert walks off stage and pukes everywhere thus ending the bands set abruptly. Flash forward 14 years and The Used are a wiser, tighter, stronger band that’s performing 2 nights in each town on it’s current tour.  All show dates are sold out and the band is at the top of their game!

 I missed night #1 of their stop in Baltimore but heard it was amazing.  I caught night #2 and was impressed with the bands onstage energy which fed the crowd’s lust for their music.  

 “In Love and Death” is an intense record with a theme that’s part depressing, part empowering.  Bert exposes his inner self onstage when he performs this record doing it in a “story teller” style and explaining what each song is about.  At times I felt like the show was a religious experience and the music was secondary to the emotions and the message.

 The crowd was intense and knew every single word to every single song which was absolutely impressive.  Mixed in the set was a mini Sublime cover which the crowd loved.

 The Used have a rabid following which shocked me because I knew them back when no one else did.  

 The sound was superb throughout the venue.  The stage set up featured black light artwork, a bleeding heart which hung from a tree, and other random accents which adorned the stage and made it feel like a large arena show.

Author: Bob Suehs