Apr 28, 2016

Soulfly - Soundstage

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April 28, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland


 I arrived as Lody Kong were tearing through their set and what impressed me about this band was how the members were so young, and when I say “young” I mean they look as if they are still in school, yet play intense hardcore/metal music that sounds much older than they are.

 Half of Lody Kong are Max Cavaliera’s sons and drummer Zyon performed with Soulfly as well which makes him the hardest working man on this tour!

 Abnormality were an interesting band who’s style is somewhat like old school Arch Enemy. 

 Battlecross were the must see act because they were hands down the best band this night.  Stellar guitar solo’s, GREAT sound, sonic stage presence, and an overall solid performance is what made Battlecross so amazing!

 Suffocation brought the largest crowd and when they left the stage you could see some of the audience leaving the venue.  Musically Suffocation are considered death metal but I feel like they are a tad less death metal and more extreme metal with their current line up.  I can’t say one bad thing about Suffocation, they killed it from start till finish!

 Max and Soulfly played the longest set and they sounded amazing.  Max has an interesting hair style that’s totally dreaded in the back and long/blonde/puffy up front.  

 The set list was comprised of Soulfly and Sepultura classics with an interlude of Max performing Black Sabbath covers.  The middle of the set was literally Max solo with his guitar doing stripped down songs where the crowd could sing with him.

 The only song not performed in the set was “Territory” but in it’s place was an all star jam with members of every band joining for “Ace of Spades” which sounded like every all star jam; it was fun to watch but just a tad messy with too many musicians onstage. Max commented that he loved to jam with other musicians and that he would always do that till the day he died.

 The touching part of Soulfly’s set was watching father and son play together because Max held down the front while his son held the entire band together with his drum skills.

 This show was far from sold out; capacity wise the venue was a tad shy from being 1/2 filled and a back portion of the club was closed off to make the crowd look bigger than it was.

 Rizzo is a guitar god and the closer of the night was an instrumental cover of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” which floored the crowd.


Author: Bob Suehs