Apr 30, 2016

An Open Letter to Phil Lewis from LA Guns

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An Open Letter to Phil Lewis from LA Guns


Dear Mr. Lewis,


  Before you send threatening messages to a person you should really do your homework first.  Let’s do a small timeline of events so we can put it all into perspective:


4/22/16: LA Guns perform at Fish Head Cantina in Maryland and you made a comment, “The problem is right now and I’m not going to be a racist about it, but black people are all one dimensional. We need more Prince’s man. We need less fu??ing Rapper’s and more people like Prince.”


4/23/16: Videos began appearing online showing the above rant for all to see via youtube and facebook.  Shortly there after Metal Sludge wrote a story about the onstage rant


4/24/16: Blabbermouth and various other music news outlets picked up the story.  You (Phil Lewis) took to your Facebook to post a message which stated, “I stand by my words and make no apology for my observations”.


4/28/16:  I receive a personal message via Facebook (actual message screen shot posted) from Phil which reads, “Like a bit of trouble fuckface?  Better stay well clear of me or you’ll get more than you bargained for.” On top of that you (Phil Lewis) also posted on my personal Facebook for all to read, “You are an asshole and I won’t forget this.  Better Keep far away from me in the future.”


First off, why did you wait an entire week to confront me?
Second off, WHY are you confronting me?  I didn’t post the article on Metal Sludge’s home page, I did not go to the 4/22 Fish Head show, I did not film the video of you making those remarks. On 4/22 I was at the Eyehategod concert which took place at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD and there’s a review of the show on my site which backs me up.  

I did forward a link of the youtube video from 4/22 to Stevie from Metal Sludge because I knew he would enjoy it BUT I didn’t post one single article on my site, Rock N Roll Experience (www.rocknrollexperience.com) which made light of the situation.


The threats you sent me have no validity because I did absolutely nothing to you.  You’re the one who made that asinine comment onstage and your fans are the ones who posted the various vids of you making those remarks.  


I chose to address this matter in a public way because I did nothing wrong; I know for a fact you didn’t send Metal Sludge or Blabbermouth a nasty message, you chose to address me personally because you assumed I was a much easier target and someone you could bully. 


The only person you have to blame for this entire matter is yourself Mr. Lewis, those were your words, not mine. 



Bob Suehs

Rock N Roll Experience

Author: Bob Suehs