May 8, 2016

Sevendust / Trivium - Rams Head Live

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May 8, 2016

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

 Trivium Set List:  Divinity (Intro), Strife, Rain, Built, Dead and Gone, Down, Until The World Goes Cold, Pull Harder, In Waves

 Sevendust Set List:  Not Today, Home, Face To Face, Hero, Ugly, Denial, Disease, Deadset, Angel’s Son, Death Dance, Waffle, Enemy, Shine, Decay, Faithless, Thank You

 On Mother’s Day 2016 the Sevendust/Trivium tour played a nearly sold out show in Baltimore for a ravenous hard rock crowd.  I was surprised to see the venue packed because a year prior they played a smaller venue down the street.

 Like a Storm were onstage when I arrived and their gear was cool to look at because everything was covered in skulls and flames.  Musically Like A Storm were the odd band out on they bill and I didn’t feel like they fit in with the other bands on a musical level.

 Trivium played a set that was every bit as strong as “Black Album” era Metallica and what’s impressive about Trivium is how they keep getting tighter as a unit as the years go by.  I will say without a doubt that Trivium are at the top of their game in 2016.

 At the Trivium merch table you could buy an actual autographed set list for $10.  

 Trivium played an hour long set and they were the perfect fit as an opener for Sevendust because their style is unique to what they do, yet it’s also in the same vain as Sevendust and it bonds the fans of both bands together quite well.

 Trivium were a hard act to follow and once Trivium’s gear was cleared a large white curtain was raised to hide the Sevendust stage till the band took the stage.

 A portion of “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince was used as their intro and during “Angel’s Son” Lajon dedicated the song to Prince.  During that dedication you could see Lajon getting very emotional and at one point I’m not sure if it was sweat, tears, or a mix of both, but clearly Lajon was having a moment.  He told a story about being invited to Prince’s home and that he had the chance to see the motorcycle from the Purple Rain movie.

 Lajon told the crowd that he felt like a Sevendust concert was more like a family reunion than a “concert” and he went on the tell how grateful he was that Sevendust had been nominated for a Grammy in 2016.  He joked about losing to the band Ghost, then thanked the crowd for showing up because Ghost were actually in town playing just a few miles away.  

 Sevendust and Trivium sounded amazing and the show was wall to wall people that came to rock.  One thing that I did notice was how much unity there was in the room.  The bands, the fans, even the venue; everyone was friendly, nice, and mellow.

Author: Bob Suehs