May 10, 2016

SIXX AM / Cilver - Rams Head Live

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May 10, 2016

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

 In the backstage area of Ram’s Head Live a tour bus with the SIXX AM logo painted on it’s side sat next to the exit while Nikki Sixx fanatics were scouring the venue hoping for a glimpse of the hair metal icon.

 Nightsbridge took the stage at 7:30 PM sharp with a kick ass rock n roll set that charged the crowd up.  Mickey and the boys play a style of rock that builds on foundations of the past while also paving a road to the present.  

 Cilver are a New York based band and direct support for this leg of the SIXX AM tour.  Musically the band are a mix of hard rock and alternative with just a touch of pop.

 Uliana is the lead singer for Cilver and her voice is what guides the band through their entire set.  The shoe gaze guitar licks add elements of ambience and the drums complete the sound with aggression.  “America” was the song that stood out in their set and while I personally enjoyed Cilver I don’t think the Baltimore crowd was 100% sold on what Cilver did.  I give Cilver props for their overall sound; they were clear and precise and did not suffer from a horrible sound mix.

 Nikki Sixx is a hair metal god and I give him credit for reinventing his sound with SIXX AM but as a fan of Motley Crue I will be honest and tell you that I’m not totally sold on SIXX AM.  

 Nikki looks old onstage compared to Ashba and James; James is the clear star of SIXX AM because his vocals are absolutely amazing!

 What I did not like about the SIXX AM set was the clear use of tracks and samples throughout the show.  I had a hard time deciphering where the live parts were at times because the entire show sounded like it was recorded in the studio.  

 The lights were amazing and highlighted the show perfectly BUT I will admit that I missed the organic look of the “live” rock show. There were no onstage amps and everything was direct to board which made the stage feel a little less “Rock N Roll” at times.

 The first time I heard the song “Rise” I thought it was a heavier version of the band Muse and my overall impression of SIXX AM is that if Nikki was not a part of this band most people would not care about SIXX AM.  Musically SIXX AM are fantastic writers and players BUT the only reason people care is because Nikki’s there.  

 The band Brides of Destruction are a prime example.  When Nikki was a part of BOD the band did well; once Nikki left the band fell apart and no one seemed to care.  Seeing Sixx play Rams Head Live was interesting because he’s done arena tours for the past decade with Motley.  Seeing Sixx up close and personal has forced him to tighten his game up just a tad BUT his musical limitations show very clearly when he’s onstage with James and Ashba who are clearly heads above him performance wise.

 SIXX AM delivered an amazing onstage rock presentation; I wasn’t personally sold on the music though because I will always view Nikki as that guy from Motley Crue.

 At one point in the set James asked the crowd “Have you ever felt like you just weren’t good enough?”  This was the point in the show where I realized WHY I preferred Motley to SIXX AM.  Motley were about decadence, debauchery, and celebrating life; SIXX AM is a tad emo at times and when Nikki took the mic to get political I zoned out.  Meet and Greet packages to meet Sixx set fans back $500 and for $5,000 you could purchase a bass he played at the show!

Author: Bob Suehs