May 19, 2016

10 Years / Apocalyptica - Rams Head Live

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May 19, 2016

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

 This particular show started quite early and was finished a tad after 10:30 PM which felt off for a metal show.

 I arrived as 10 Years were taking the stage and their sound has always been a mix of ambience, hard rock, mellow extremes, and intertwined moments of aggression.

 10 years have paid their dues with an intense touring schedule that had the band on the road for what seemed like an endless schedule of not stop shows!  The band has played Rams Head Live so many times that it felt like they were a house band here.  The Baltimore fans have always supported the band and the members of 10 Years have always shown their love for Maryland both on and off stage.

 Looking a tad more mature, the members of 10 Years delivered a strong set and gave Apocalyptica a run for their money. 

 Apocalyptica started out as a cello tribute to Metallica but eventually evolved into a band which created all original material The three core cello players are the group and a string of guest vocalist would be hired when the act needed a singer.

 Franky Perez from Scars on Broadway delivered the vocals on this night and he sounded amazing.  Musically Apocalyptica is straight up metal played with cello’s and the members of the band are 100% bonafide rock stars when they take the stage.

 Drummer Mikko is the bands secret weapon…his beats are what give the band a full sound and chunk up the overall tone.  The Cello’s have heavy distortion but lack the overall balls of a real guitar or bass which is why the live “organic” drums thicken the overall sound and give it the “real” metal feel.

 “One”, “Master of Puppets”, “The Unforgiven”, and “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica were all performed alongside Apocalyptica originals.

Author: Bob Suehs