May 23, 2016

Lacuna Coil / 9Electric / Painted Wives - Rams Head Live

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May 23, 2016

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

 To preface the overall happenings of this day:  The National News outlets were everywhere to report on a big court verdict and there was a chance that the ruling might provoke another riot in downtown Baltimore.  Andy Black from Black Veil Brides kicked off his tour at Soundstage.  The entire day was marred with torrential downpour, and Lacuna Coil were playing a show at Rams Head Live in support of their forth coming release titled “Delirium”.

 I arrived just as Painted Wives were taking the stage and their overall sound mix is best described as very loud!  I’ve heard Painted Wives on Sirius but had no idea what they looked like.  Musically the band is part stoner rock with elements of radio rock and hardcore. Looks wise the members of Painted Wives appear as if they were raised on Seven Mary Three and all things Grunge.  Painted Wives delivered a good opening set but the crowd did not seem to “get” the band and lead singer/guitarist Justin Suitor came off a tad annoyed at the emotionless crowd.  He tossed out jokes that the crowd just did not understand and  joked that he loved the torrential downpour.  He later thanked the crowd for head bobbing and jumping around;  The reality was that the band played their hearts out and the crowd stood there lifeless.

 9Electric played a set that was part rock/part rave and the band clearly brought their own crowd to this show.  The singer for 9Electric used to front Opiate for the Masses and performance wise he still does the same style of vocals and has the same stage moves.  9Electric is a bit more rooted in dance music and industrial than Opiate for the Masses were.

 The lights, fog, and strobe created an interesting show and the crowd adored 9Electric.

 Lacuna Coil were the main attraction and their sound was absolutely perfect.  Cristina has the voice of an angel and her presence makes the stage shine.  This performance marked the first time new guitarist Diego Cavalloti played in Baltimore.

 Musically there were a good amount of samples and tracks but most people never noticed it due in part to Cristina’s presence and vocals which commanded the entire rooms attention.

 Andrea is easily overlooked at times yet an integral part of Lacuna Coil and his vocals bulk up the sound of Lacuna Coil.

 It’s interesting to see how Lacuna Coil has evolved over the years; the core of the band has always been Marco on bass, and Cristina & Andrea on vocals.  This current line up of Lacuna Coil is not the strongest line up; in my opinion Lacuna Coil was better with a twin guitar attack because it added to the overall sound.

 The Set list featured the classic songs alongside a handful of new material and the new ones meshed perfectly with the older ones.

 Lacuna Coil Set List:  NSIOW, Die and Rise, Kill The Light, Victims, Spellbound, The House of Shame, Heavens a Lie, Upside Down, Swamped, To The Edge, Fire, Cybersleep, Delirium, Enjoy The Silence, Trip The Darkness, Zombies, Our Truth

Author: Bob Suehs