Jun 11, 2016

Garbage - "Strange Little Birds"

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“Strange Little Birds”

 Last year Shirley Manson promised the crowd at the 9:30 Club in DC there would be a brand new Garbage record in 2016 and flash forward to June 10, 2016 for the release of “Strange Little Birds”.

 “Strange Little Birds” opens with an industrial soaked anthem entitled “Sometimes” which explored the depths of Shirley’s inner thoughts.  Musically this track reminds me of Nine Inch Nails at times.

“Empty” is the lead single and strongest track off the release. Musically it opens with a guitar lick that reminds me of “Superunknown” by Soundgarden yet lyrically the song is about self loathing and self exploration.

 “Blackout” is a dark pop song that takes a few listens before you get addicted to it.

 “If I Lost You” is a sweet love song and the title says it all.

 “Night Drive Loneliness” is an interesting song that tells the tale of a relationship gone wrong.  Musically the song is mellow and fits the overall tone of this record perfectly.

 “Even Though Our Love is Doomed” is a brooding track about failed love.  Incase you have yet to figure it out, the theme of this record is failed relationships which makes the overall mood for this record fall under a goth-pop genre.

 “Magnetized” sounds like a song Katy Perry would have done with it’s slightly upbeat tone.  This is one of the stronger songs off the record and clearly a single.

 “We Never Tell” is a pop rock song and perhaps the most optimistic song on this record.  Complete with a big chorus, strong rhythm, and great composition, this is another stand out track off this release.

 “So We Can Stay Alive” takes a few listens before it catches your attention.  Musically it’s a strong song but there’s several opposing tempo changes that make the song feel kind of random at times.

 “Teaching Little Fingers To Play” sounds like old school “Version 2.0” era Garbage.

 “Amends” is the album closer and oddly enough this is one of the slower songs on the record which closes the record on a down note.  

 Overall this record reminds me of “Beautiful Garbage” simply because there’s nothing distinctly commercial about this release.  Almost every song is written and performed from an artist perspective with little or no emphasis to be commercial; this is clearly a record for the band and their die hard fans!

Author: Bob Suehs