Jun 23, 2016

Soul Asylum - Soundstage

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June 23, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland


Soul Asylum Set List: Somebody To Shove, Misery, Can’t Even Tell, Oxy, Lately, Black Gold, Without at Trace, String of Pearls, Don’t Bother Me, Supersonic, Can’t Help It, Dealing, Eyes of a Child, Runaway Train, Spinnin’, Just Like Anyone, ENCORE:  Doomsday, April Fools 

 When doors opened at 7 PM the venue was bare with just a hand full of people filling out the room but just before 8 PM the room slowly began to fill.  

 There was a local act that opened and their sound/style was identical to The English Beat’s which meant the room was chock full o’ ska skankers that bopped back and forth to the rhythmic grooves.

 I am not particularly into the genre of ska yet I can appreciate the versatility and musicianship both bands possessed onstage.

 Dave Pirner is the only original member in the current line up of Soul Asylum and interestingly enough there is no hint that this band was any different than the band that played/recorded on the “Grave Dancers Union” record.

 Sonically and visually, Pirner is the same man he was back in ’93 because his performance, vocals, musicianship, and overall attitude are unchanged.  Part punk rock, part folky hipster, Dave commanded all attention onstage with his brand of rock n roll swagger and the audience enjoyed every second. 

 The set was a good mix of the “hits” alongside newer songs like “Supersonic” which kept the pace of the set upbeat and rockin’.

 I commented to Dave before the show that I thought it was odd for the band to open with their biggest song and he brushed it off as if it was no big deal; that’s the beauty of Pirner.  Dave is a living, breathing souvenir of the 90’s and everything about him has remained unchanged right down to his rolled up denim and white converse sneakers.

 Soul Asylum sounded EXCELLENT and their live mix was spot on; this is how a rock n roll band SHOULD sound in concert!

 At one moment during the set I realized that Dave is a proper mix of AXL Rose and Kurt Cobain because his energy and drive have proper chunks of rock, grunge, and punk. 

Author: Bob Suehs