Jun 29, 2016

Whitesnake / Whitford St. Holmes - Fillmore

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June 29, 2016



 Whitesnake Set List: Bad Boys, Slide It In, Love Ain’t No Stranger, The Deeper The Love, Fool For Your Loving, Sailing Ships/Judgement Day, Guitar Solo, Slow an’ Easy, Bass Solo, Crying In The Rain, Drum Solo, Is This Love, Give Me All Your Love, Here I Go Again, ENCORE: Still of The Night

 Whitford St. Holmes Set List:  Shapes, Rock All Day, Hell Is On Fire, Gotta Keep on Movin’, Shake It, Hot For You, Last Child, Train Kepta Rollin’, Stranglehold

 What kills me about the downtown Silver Spring traffic is how fickle it can be.  Random spots of heavy traffic are always to blame when I miss the opening bands who perform at The Fillmore.

 I managed to brisk through security just in time to catch Brad Whitford walking onstage with his side project Whitford St. Holmes.

 Musically WSH are pure rock n roll with old school hard rock values.  Brad and the boys served as the perfect opening act for this show.  Their set was a tad short and most of the crowd wanted a little more;  6 Original songs were performed and a medley of Aerosmith/Ted Nugent songs closed their set.  When “Stranglehold” was over you could hear the crowd chanting “One more song!” as Brad and Derek thanked the crowd and said good night.

 Whitesnake took the stage at 9:30 PM sharp and their intro was “My Generation” by The Who.

 David Coverdale stormed the stage with fire and passion; his backing band were equally impressive and churned out a solid hard rock foundation which made this show memorable.

 Coverdale still commands attention on stage, his mic stand masterbation, his lip licking, the intense stares, his full head of amazing hair; David Coverdale is an undying rock god!

 Red Beach and Joel H. are the backbone of Whitesnake and they do the classic songs justice with their kick ass guitar work.

 I had no idea Tommy Aldridge was back in Whitesnake and when he took the stage in a white, skin tight, long sleeve shirt, he came off like a deranged afro wielding man in a straight jacket who came to rock your face off!

 Midway through the set you could clearly hear cracks in Coverdale’s vocals.  During  “Still of the Night” it became painfully obvious that Coverdale’s voice was shot and when he tried to hit the upper register vocals it was a tad painful to watch/hear at times.

 I don’t want anyone to think I am slamming Coverdale’s voice; he takes a few breaks in the show to rest his vocal chords and for a man his age he can still hold it down quite well.

 “Crying In The Rain” and “Give Me All Your Love” were the stand out moments of the night.  

 Interesting side note; You never realize how many Whitesnake song titles have the word “love” in them until you glance at the bands set list.

 The entire show was wrapped up by 10:30 PM.  If you get a chance to catch Whitesnake on their current tour I would highly advise you check them out because the current line up is a well oiled machine!

Author: Bob Suehs