Aug 5, 2016

Dead Sara / Grandpa v. Prowler - Ottobar

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August 5, 2016


Baltimore, MD

 Dead Sara set list:  Fuck U Rock N Roll, Monumental, Lemon Scent, Shake Me, Mona Lisa, Face To Face, Radio One Two, Alien, Mr. Mr., Weatherman

 Grandpa V. Prowler Set List:  Best Friends, Likely Lads, Little Joy, Moonage Daydream, KKK Took My Baby, Harmony, Eagles Dare, Tulip, Rat, In Transit, House Heaven Built, Where Is My Mind

 When a band performs 100% live onstage with no tracks, samples, or elements that enhance their performance, you realize how good or bad a performer.

 The beauty of going to a concert and experiencing live music is the element of the unexpected and in 2016 you rarely see bands that do it 100% live onstage.

 Dead Sara are an enigmatic 4 piece rock band that’s been on the scene for several years and managed to build up a solid fanbase through independently released records ands constant touring.

 I caught Dead Sara one year prior at the Ottobar and the venue had a fair amount of people BUT was not jam packed.  Flash forward one year later and Dead Sara returned to the Ottobar performing to a nearly sold out crowd.

 Grandpa V. Prowler opened the show and if you looked at the band members you might say to yourself, “Hey, that guy looks like….?”

The band consists: of Danny Masterson on guitar and you might remember Danny from a TV show he did called “That 70’s Show”.

Michael Pena plays drums and starred in movies like “Ant Man” and “Observe and Report”.  John Radke plays lead guitar and he was an original member of Kill Hannah and toured with Filter.

 Musically Grandpa V. Prowler are straight up guitar rock and the best way I can describe their onstage performance is that they brought a rock n roll party to the stage.  Everyone was in good spirits, there were no attitudes, no egos, and it was all about the music and having a good time.

 Tossed in the Grandpa V. Prowler set were a few select covers which included “Moonage Daydream” by David Bowie, “KKK Took My Baby Away” by The Ramones, and the Misfits “Where Eagle Dare”.  Souxsie from Dead Sara joined them onstage for the latter two.

 Dead Sara took the stage a tad later than their listed set time and finished their set up a little after 11 PM

 Musically, Dead Sara were impressive, amazing, inspiring, and expressive.

 Emily has one of the best voices in rock n roll and she wears her heart on her sleeve when she performs.  

 Souxsie has a solid guitar tone and the rhythm section (Chris and Sean)have the groove/beat/rhythm down to an art.  Infact, towards the end of the set Chris jumped off stage and played bass in the middle of the crowd while head banging and interacting with the mothers int he crowd.

 It was impressive to witness large mosh pits break out during Dead Sara’s set while the same mothers were singing the words to almost every song!

 “Face To Face” was the most powerful song of the night and tossed in the mix were covers by Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, and The White Stripes.  

 Michael Pena was on the side of the stage for the entire Dead Sara set and even went onstage a few times to take pictures and show love for the band.

 Dead Sara closed their set with “Weatherman” which contained had a “jam” in the middle where Emily led the entire crowd to sing the “Star Spangled Banner”.  The show ended with Emily stage diving into the crowd and a few short minutes later the entire band went to their march table where the majority of the venue waited to greet the band.

Author: Bob Suehs