Aug 25, 2016

Jason Heiser (Charm City Devils) - Waterfront Hotel

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Baltimore, MD

  Last night was a drunken blur of Rock N Roll debauchery when Charm City Devils drummer Jason Heiser joined local cover band Spilled Milk for one night only.  

  Frankie G is a guitar wiz who's made his mark playing with several notable local and national acts over the past decade and bassist Matthew Everhart is a familiar face in the local scene who earned his cred through constant onstage performances throughout the state.

  Jason sang lead vocals a few times and this is a rarity because Jason never sings lead vocals when you see him perform.  

  The clips below are Exclusive clips of Jason and company performing covers by AC/DC, Guns N Roses, and Ozzy.  

  Randomly, throughout the night, an inebriate Tony Waddy would join the band onstage for Prince covers.  Tony fronts several local bands in Maryland as well and his band Chang McTang performs at the Admirals Cup every 2nd Thursday of the month.

  Towards the end of the night Have Mercy drummer Todd Wallace was invited onstage to perform a Weezer cover.

  All in all, this was a fun night and if you enjoy killer cover bands I'd recommend checking out Spilled Milk fronted by Frankie G; they perform regularly in Fells Point, Maryland, and you never know who may take the stage with them!


Author: Bob Suehs