Sep 5, 2016

Rob Zombie's 31, From Nothing

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by: Rob Zombie

 “Lords of Salem” was an absolute flop despite the media hype and amazing cinematography. The issue that made “Lords of Salem” lackluster is the same issue “31” has and in simple terms I will just say it, Sherri Moon Zombie is NOT a Lead Actress.

 It’s absolutely adorable how Rob places the love of his life in everything he does, BUT, what made “House of 1,000 Corpses” and “The Devils Rejects” strong movies was the strong casting.  Sig Haig, Bill Moseley, and William Forsythe were dominant lead actors and carried the storyline(s) well.  Sherri Moon does not command the same feeling, vibe, and overall attention outside of her looks and that’s where Zombie’s last 2 movies have fell flat.

 The narrative for “31” is based loosely after “The Most Dangerous Game” where captives play a game of life or death with an interesting cast of lunatic killers.  The midget Nazi is funny but a tad too cartoonish at times.

 Richard Blake who plays the role of Doom Head is the clear star of the movie but his appearance is limited to the last 30 minutes of the film.  

Chock full of catchy one liners such as,

“What’s the difference between a hooker and an onion?  

I cry when I cut an onion!”

 “31” is a step in the right direction with a quirky story, tons of blood, and plenty of sex and violence, the movie needs stronger characters to keep it interesting through.  One thing I always give Rob props for is his excellent choice of classic rock throughout his films.  Lynyrd Skynyrd and Joe Walsh tunes are featured prominently.

 Rob Zombie said in an interview that at times he felt like this movie was more of a torture/exploitation film and I tend to agree with that analogy.


 From Nothing


 Maryland based rockers From Nothing blend elements of Black Stone Cherry with Disturbed to create a thick sounding slab of heavy modern rock which is distinctly their brand.

 This 5 song EP captures the essence of the band quit well and gives the listener an exact summary of what the band is about.

 “All That’s Me” opens the EP with a guitar heavy tuned down riff and the vocals are the icing on the cake.

 “It’s easier to press pause than rewind” is a lyric from “Mother’s Love and Ignorance” and shows the depth in their lyrics and music on this EP.

Impressive production, solid song writing, and good musicianship; the new EP bt From Nothing definitley rocks!

Author: Bob Suehs