Sep 16, 2016

Sabaton / Trivium - Soundstage

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September 16, 2016


Baltimore, MD


 Sabaton Set List:  Ghost Division, Sparta, Blood of Bannockburn, Swedish Pagans, Carolus Rex, Lion, Lost Battalion, To Hell and Back, Winged Hussars, Night Witches, Primo Victoria

 Trivium Set List:  Strife, Gunshot, Forsake, Rise Above, Throes, Dead and Gone, Entrance, Detonation, Pillars, World Cold, Down, Rain, Pull Hard, In Waves

 Trivium and Sabaton are 2 distinctly different styles of metal that somehow fit together when you put them on tour together.  Sabaton drew the largest crowd and once their set was complete you could see the audience thin out just a tad.

 Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band and their songs reflect their onstage persona.  Decked out in Camouflage ala Udo Dirkschneider with elements of folk, power, and straight up heavy metal, Sabaton delivered a unique style of music that has an uplifting, positive, strong vibe which the crowd absorbed.  

 Vocalist Joakim Brodén is a dominant force onstage and his presence is undeniable.  Joakim wore a pair of mirrored sunglasses onstage for most of the set and at times he reminded me of Kevin Heffernan’s character in the movie Super Troopers while wearing the glasses.  

 For the bands last song they brought a 8 year old child onstage and allowed her and her father to watch the show from the side of the stage;  Joakim gave the child his mirrored sunglasses as a souvenir.  The most impressive thing about Sabaton’s set was their fans; they knew every word, sang every song, showed the band love, and it was touching to witness such amazing interaction between the band and it’s fans.

 Trivium were the nights headliner and they brought a high energy rock show to Baltimore.  Sabaton’s set was hard for Trivium to top and in terms of overall sound quality, Sabaton sounded clearer than Trivium on this night.

 This show was impressive because the room was packed, metal heads came out to support the bands, the bands were clearly having a blast, and the entire show was solid from start till finish.  The show ended at 11:15 PM.

Author: Bob Suehs