Sep 29, 2016

Texas Hippie Coalition / Shaman's Harvest - Soundstage

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September 29, 2016


Baltimore, MD

 “If you don’t know my name, just ask you’re ol’ lady, she knows it!” - Big Dad Ritch (THC - lead singer)

 Texas Hippie Coalition blasted Baltimore with a blistering set of redneck metal; it should come as no surprise that this town took to the band quite well!

 Big Dad Ritch is a large and in charge kind of man; he’s the heavy metal version of Uncle Jesse from “The Dukes of Hazzard” and his onstage persona is part redneck, part comedian.  

 This show was the Baltimore debut of THC’s newest member, guitarist Nevada Romo and he did a great job of adding his own style to the bands sound.

 THC sounded amazing!  The live sound mix was spot on, the vocals were clear, the guitars punched through the mix, and the drums/bass had the perfect balance which made this show not only enjoyable to watch, but also easy on the ears!

 Big Dad Ritch joked that he had no clue where any of the money from their merch table would be spent.  He said that most of it would go to either whiskey, weed, or women; he told the crowd that he knew for damn sure that the IRS would not be receiving one dime of that money though!

 Texas Hippie Coalition were the band to see on this night and they gave headliner Shaman’s Harvest a run for their money on this night.

 Shaman’s Harvest delivered a soulful hard rock set and their southern roots were easy to recognize if you listened closely.  

 Lead guitarist Derrick Shipp is the clear star onstage and his guitar licks keep the sound of Shaman’s Harvest fresh and sharp.  Adding slide guitar to several tracks is his secret weapon and what helps Shaman’s Harvest sound a tad southern at times.

Author: Bob Suehs