Oct 6, 2016

Brijitte West - Bowery Electric

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October 6, 2016

Bowery Electric

New York

 Brijitte West Set List:  Close, We Didn’t, Drunken Loser, Done It Proud, Lie To Me, Mess, Permanent Ink, Detonator, Don’t Wait, Pretty Suicide, B&T, Hot Child

 Brijitte West rose to fame as leader of the 90’s New York rock band NY Loose.  Her onstage persona is cute and cuddly with claws while her offstage persona is mellow and low key.

 New York Loose split before the year 2000 hit with Guitarist Mark Diamond joining The Dwarves, bassist Danny Nordahl joining Faster Pussycat, and Brijitte West leaving the USA to pursue a solo career.  Since NY Loose’s demise Brijitte has played very few shows in the States and with the release of her new record, “From New York With Love” she decided to grace New York with 2 rare performances.

 The Bowery Electric is one block from the old CBGB and it’s a true NY Rock joint with an upstairs bar that features live DJ music and a basement styled downstairs area that features live rock n roll!

 Brijitte’s backing band features Richie (bass) and Keef (guitar) and for these shows only, on drums was NY Loose’s original drummer John Melville.

 Brij and company took the stage at 10 PM sharp and their set was 60 minutes of pure power!  Midway through the set Brijitte took a moment to acknowledge NY Loose and dedicated “Detonator” to me which took me by surprise.  (thank you Brijitte!)

 As a band, The Desperate Hopeful are a punk driven, fun, in your face type of band which blends The New York Dolls attitude with the Clash’s aesthetic for hard driven music with hooks.

 This was an amazing homecoming for Brijitte West and the New York rock community proved that they did not forget about her or her music!  

 The most impressive piece of this show was how low key it all was.  The crowd enjoyed the show, showed the band love, clearly loved every note the band churned out, and the band clearly enjoyed performing for the crowd.  You could feel the love and happiness in the room and it was all for music!  

 “Hot Child In The City” was the encore/closer and it summed up the overall vibe for the night quite well. 

Author: Bob Suehs