Oct 13, 2016

Eyehategod / Discharge - Soundstage

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October 13, 2016


Baltimore, MD

 Upon entering the venue I was greeted with the thrash metal stylings of Toxic Holocaust and I was immediately hooked on their 3 piece, old school sound which was heavily rooted in 80’s thrash metal.

 Toxic Holocaust finished their set and Louisiana’s bastard child, Eyehategod took the stage shortly after.  This was the Baltimore debut of Eyehategod featuring Randy from Lamb of God on vocals.

 Randy added a new element to Eyehategod; his stage presence is underrated yet you can’t deny his ability to lead a crowd.  Randy taunted the crowd with dry humor throughout the night and for the most part the crowd seemed oblivious to what was legit humor.  

 “Vote For Trump!” and “Have any of you ever been in a correctional facility?” was part of Randy’s stage banter and for the most part the humor was lost on this crowd.  At one point Randy asked the crowd, “Am I speaking Chinese?  Goddamn, you people don’t understand what I’m saying?”  What some of the crowd didn’t realize is that Randy was keeping in character with how original singer Mike Williams is onstage.

 At one point during the Eyehategod set a fight errupted and Jimmy Bower took the mic to yell, “No Fighting!,  No Fighting Son!”.  Jimmy Bower made the biggest fashion statement of the night by sporting a pair of Crocks onstage.  

 Adding Randy on vocals added new life and feel to Eyehategod.  This version of the band will only last for one tour but for what it’s worth, this is the strongest line up of the band, EVER!

 Roy "Rainy" Wainwright is the only original member left in Discharge but most of the crowd was too young to have seen the band in the 70’s when they started.  Discharge sounded like a good punk band should; loud, fast, and intense!

Author: Bob Suehs