Dec 3, 2016

Queensryche / Armored Saint - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland


 Queensryche Set List:  Guardian, Operation: Mindcrime, Best I Can, Damaged, Killing Words, The Mission, Silent Lucidity, Arrow of Time, Empire, Eye9, Queen of the Reich, Jet City Woman, Take Hold of The Flame, Hell Fire, Screaming in Digital, Eyes of a Stranger

 Armored Saint Set List:  Win Hands Down, March of the Saint, Pay Dirt, In An Instant, Chemical Euphoria, Mess, Left Hook From Right Field, Reign of Fire, Can U Deliver, Mad House 

 Queensryche and Armored Saint; 2 essential 80’s metal bands which had commercial success without selling out who they were/are in the process.  What’s impressive is that both bands are still active in 2016 and touring when you consider how fickle the music business is in 2016.

 Baltimore Soundstage was elbow to elbow tight on this cold December evening and a few hours before doors opened the show was officially sold out.  The crowd was an interesting mix of old and new fans and there was no mosh pit action or stage diving at this event.  Security was very strict about enforcing the no camera rule and warned fans that they would receive one warning before being ejected.  It was ok to shoot or video the show with a cell phone but no actual cameras could be used.

 Armored Saint sounded amazing and John Bush still commands the stage like no other frontman from his era.  Phil and Jeff traded guitar licks equally and bassist Joey Vera is a highly underrated musician who’s playing is the glue that forms the backbone of Armored Saint.

 Towards the middle of the Armored Saint set lead singer John Bush decided to interact with the crowd and as he stepped on a road case which stood in front of the stage it became apparent that the road case wheels were not locked.  John stepped on the case and it immediately slid forward causing him to fall face first into the crowd barricade and thus falling completely off the stage.  Like a trooper Bush stood back up, finished the song, and then joked about the incident to the crowd.

 Armored Saint’s set sounded amazing and the band deserves a lot of credit for pulling it together and delivering a solid performance.

 Queensryche is a stronger band with vocalist Todd La Torre.  Geoff Tate is the voice of Queensryche yet sadly can no longer hit the high notes.  Todd La Torre is an excellent addition to Queensryche and has revitalized the band.  

 Guitarist Parker Lundgren adds a different style to the fold and his youthful presence is obvious adding freshness to the Queensryche live show.

 The live mix for this concert was superb; Todd’s vocals were clear, the guitar parts were precise, and every spot in the venue offered a clean sound mix.

 When Geoff Tate left Queensryche there was a large amount of uncertainty because the core Queensryche fanbase did not believe Tate was replaceable.  In 2016 Queensryche is actually a better band because member changes have recharged/restructured the band thus allowing them to create music  that sounds like old school Queensryche. 

Author: Bob Suehs