Feb 11, 2017

Roxanna Shirazi exposed!

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The Last Living Slut…is a slut?!!

 Several years ago Rock n Roll Experience was invited to review the “The Last Living Slut”, a book written by Roxana Shirazi.

 In Roxana’s book she broke the rock n roll groupie code and told stories of wild sex with Buckcherry, Dizzy Reed, and Avenged Sevenfold to name just a few.  If you care enough to learn more you can read our extensive review at: http://rocknrollexperience.com/news/76/25/The-Last-Living-Slut-Roxan-Shirazi/

 On February 11, 2017, we received an anonymous email from some who claimed that Roxana Shirazi was currently a prostitute and here's the text from that email:


This chick is unreal! She fucked up how many rock star relationships and nowadays she works as a whore advertising her services from a website called adultwork.com. Apparently she’s been on the game for the last ten years out of her shitty one bedroom  housing project flat in Westbury on Trim in Bristol, England as she is too lazy to go out and get a real job.

 She calls herself an author, what a joke, in twenty years she’s published one crappy book about the guys she’s screwed and the coke she snorted.

 Want proof?

 Go to the site, select the UK, enter the site and click on – local escorts -  southwest – Bristol and look for her screen name – Carmen goddess.

 Look at the pictures, read the profile and see for yourself.

 Profile is only up at weekends now. What a train wreck, she ruined so many lives.



After doing a little investigating on the matter we found that, indeed, Roxana Shirazi is a call girl for hire and here’s a screen shot of her profile along with her gallery, and ways to contact her.

Author: Bob Suehs