Feb 10, 2017

The Cadillac Three - The Fillmore

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Silver Spring, Maryland

The Fillmore

 The Cadillac Three are a southern rock trio from Tennessee with influences ranging from The Black Crowes and Florida Georgia Line to Black Sabbath and Filter.  (I mention the Filter reference simply because the band performed a partial cover of “Hey Man, Nice Shot” on this particular evening!)

 In the Mid 2000’s the 3 members of The Cadillac Three were in American Bang and had moderate success for half a decade.  Lead singer/guitarist Jaren Johnston crossed over to the country side and began writing songs for other artists (Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, and Jake Owens) which spawned top 10 hits and influenced Jaren to start his own country inspired band which is how The Cadillac Three started.

 This tour is the bands first headlining run and they brought a stage show which was clearly more “Rock” than “country” with a large skull in the backdrop, small skulls adorning the amps, and incense burned throughout the show.

 The Cadillac Three do not have a bass player nor do they need one.  Kelby Ray’s steel guitar playing fills the lead guitar parts while Jaren’s rhythm playing fills the bass gaps and gives the band a full sound.  Neil Mason is not to be ignored as he’s a beast behind the drum kit and fills the bands sound with a thunderous beat.

 The Cadillac Three brought a country crowd to this show but don’t let their tag of “modern county” fool you, The Cadillac Three are a hard rockin’ band that dabbles in country!

 An impressive fact about The Cadillac Three is that they receive no radio airplay yet have a loyal fan base and are able to fill in a venue like The Fillmore with a large crowd.

 The band sounded tight, their set was strong, and they rocked it hard on this night! 

Author: Bob Suehs