Feb 20, 2017

Devildriver / Death Angel - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Devildriver Set List:  End of the Line, Wander Are Lost, Grin Fucked, Cry For Me Sky, Daybreak, I Could Care Less, My Night Sky, Hold Back The Day, Sail, Before The Hangman’s Noose, Clouds Over California, Ruthless, Meet The Wretched

 Death Angel Set List:  TUV / Evil Priest, Claws In So Deep, Left For Dead, Father of Lies, Caster of Shame, Thrown, The Moth

 When Death Angel took the stage the venue was scarcely filled with just enough fans to form a small circle pit; once Death Angel finished their set the venue cleared out.

 Death Angel are an old school thrash metal outfit with a loyal fanbase.  It was pleasantly surprising to see a large portion of the crowd show up just for Death Angel considering they were not the nights headliner.  

 Death Angel sounded rich with a twin guitar attack that echoed throughout the building.  The overall sound mix was perfect and the crowd clearly enjoyed every moment of their set.

  Mark Osegueda, lead singer of Death Angel, commented that the band had their own "Moth" song which was clearly a Metallica reference, and "The Moth" was their closer.

 Devildriver were the main course for this heavy metal buffet and they brought a set list that covered the bands entire career.

 Dez is clearly the star of the show and his onstage presence is hard to ignore.  Musically speaking, Devildriver have developed their sound and style through constant touring; this is the most definitive version of the band to date!

 “Sail” was included in the set and the one moment throughout the show where every person in the room went apeshit in unison! 

 Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann churn out intense guitar riffs that define the overall tone and groove that is Devildriver, while new bassist Diego “Ashes” Ibarra (Static-X) adds a new onstage energy to the Devildriver experience.

Author: Bob Suehs