Feb 25, 2017

Lordi - Baltimore Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Lordi Set List:  Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man, Babez For Breakfast, Nailed By The Hammer of Frankenstein, The Riff, Bass Solo, Bite It Like a Bulldog, Icon of Dominance, Drum Solo, Hug You Hardcore, It Snows in Hell & Children of the Night, Keys solo, Down with the Devil, Blood Red Sandman, Hard Rock Hallelujah, Devil is a Loser, ENCORE:  Who’s Your Daddy, Would You Love a Monster Man

Finnish shock rockers Lordi perform a visual stage production that borrows heavily from Gwar and KISS with an emphasis on over the top shock tactics, amazing costumes, and strong groovy music.

 In 2006 the band won a Finnish honor, “The Eurovision Song Contest” for their song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” which helped the band gain notoriety world wide and landed them a spot on the 2007 Ozzfest.

 KISS have been a major influence for Lordi since day #1.  Band leader/vocalist Mr. Lordi met current Lordi guitarist Amen and original Lordi bassist G-Stealer on a KISS Kruise.  The bands debut record “Get Heavy” features cover art which was loosely based after the “Love Gun” record.  Gene Simmons offered to publish Lordi's albums in the United States.  Bruce Kulick co-wrote “Cut Off My Head” and “Call Off The Wedding” in 2010.

 The current version of Lordi features 2 original members, Amen on guitar and Mr. Lordi on vocals, but much like the band Ghost, the only key member is the singer.

 Baltimore Soundstage was far from sold out on this warm Saturday evening, the crowd was mid sized, and the Lordi fan base was extremely interactive and most fans were singing along to almost every song!

 Mr. Lordi will not be ignored with his larger than life presence, full body armor, and Freddy Krueger-like claws.  It’s surprising to see the Lordi image, then hear them play a style of music which is way more melodic than one might expect.  Based on the bands looks, you would expect Lordi to be sheer noise yet they deliver a melody and hook in each song; they are more hard rock than extreme metal.

 “God of Thunder” by KISS was the show intro which led into Skeletor.

 Skeletor opened the show with a quirky stage entrance and 2 songs later he took the stage again to deliver the severed head of He-Man.

 A sinister Pope was assaulted onstage mid set and various other “things” happened onstage that made this show a memorable, gory, theatrical experience.

 The only element missing from this Lordi performance was their over the top pyro which was not possible in a smaller club.  

 Lordi are currently supporting their newest release “Monstereophonic” and are worth checking out because they do not tour the USA that often and their concerts are always an experience you will never forget!

Author: Bob Suehs