Mar 26, 2017

Doyle - Fishhead Cantina

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Baltimore, MD

Fishhead Cantina


 DOYLE Set List:

Abominator, Headhunter, Learn To Bleed, Queen Wasp, Where Eagles Dare, Skulls, Valley of Shadows, Mark of the Beast, Cemetery Sex, Drum Solo, Green Hell, Blood Feast, Devilock, Run For Your Life, Dreaming Dead Girls, Last Caress, Die Die My Darling, Hope Hell is Warm

 Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, guitarist for The Misfits, performed an intimate show at Fishhead Cantina on a rainy March evening.

 Sound wise, this was one of the loudest shows ever performed at this venue.  The treble soaked, intense distortion emanating from Doyle’s guitar was deafening to say the least!

 Alex Story is the perfect frontman for Doyle’s solo band.  Alex is best described as Glenn Danzig on steroids!  Alex has severe cuts on his shoulders, a psychotic stare, serial killer stance, and is the ying to Doyle’s yang.

 The show featured Doyle’s solo material with a few Misfits gems tossed in to appease the fans.  “Green Hell”, “Last Caress”, and “Where Eagles Dare” sounded tight and strong alongside tracks like “Abominator”, and “Mark of the Beast”.  

 Watching Doyle’s guitar technic, he is more beast than man while onstage; he destroys his guitar with constant abuse.  Doyle tossed out a guitar pick after every song and the guitar picks show extreme wear from being pounded non stop.

 The show concluded with “Hope Hell is Warm”; the entire show was a little over an hour in length and summed up what Punk Rock is all about!

Author: Bob Suehs