Apr 7, 2017

Steel Panther - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live 

 Steel Panther do an amazing job at paying homage to all that was 80’s hair metal.  The act has toured the world, entertaining fans around the globe with their over the top rock n roll comedy show.  The show is best described as a proper mix of dick jokes and boobies.  A large crowd turned out on this Friday night in Baltimore for their hair metal comedy show.

 Interesting side note, many of the bands fans often overlook the comedy aspect that is the band and will treat Steel Panther as if they are a serious, “Real” band.  Steel Panther is a joke that many misunderstand.

 “Poontang Boomerang” featured a guitar solo from Satchel which included several mini covers from Ozzy, Metallica, and Deep Purple.  Satchel is a guitar virtuoso and his playing is what gives Steel Panther their entire overall sound.

 During “Asian Hooker” Michael went to an Asian female and joked that she was the one who gave him a massage before the show and invited her onstage; the fan declined.  

 At the merch table fans could purchase stage used drum heads for $60 which the band members drew artwork on.  Shirts from the bands last tour were also on sale for $20.

 Before starting the song “Girl from Oklahoma” Michael invited a woman onstage who was hesitant to take the stage at first.  After a little coaxing, the female did take the stage and within a minute of being onstage she was asked to take her top off.  The woman asked her boyfriend if it was ok, and in less than 30 seconds the entire crowd was cheering for flashed boobies! 

 “17 Girls In a Row” featured 2 dozen local girls dancing onstage while the band played.  It was funny watching roadies usher the girls offstage one by one as the song ended because not every female wanted to exit the stage.  

 “Death To All But Metal” was the set closer and brought the house down.  The 2 song encore consisted of “Community Property” and “Party All Day”.

Author: Bob Suehs