May 29, 2017

A Killer's Confession, Edge of Free, Corpse Light

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 Former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis is back with a vengeance via his new band A Killer’s Confession.  The band is an intense reaction to modern society but the themes of the record are not all negative.

 Mixing metal with elements of electronica, the harsh tones on this record are balanced out by moments of melody and melodic breakdowns;  The musical arrangements leave the listener with a sense of sonic exhaustion.

 Head from KORN makes a guest appearance on the track “A Killer’s Confession” and Kimberly Freeman from One Eyed Doll is featured on the track “Sympathy”.

 Overall this is a modern sounding, ambitious release that sounds like a mix of Mushroomhead, Mudvayne and Korn.





 Intense singer/songwriter styled songs that blend acoustic and electric guitars to create a heavy vibe with a heartfelt feel.

 Stand out tracks on this record are “Blood Eagle” and “Autumn”.


Produced by Toby Wright whose known for his work with Alice in Chains, this record stands out as a well written, well produced piece of art.

 The lyrical content is what leaves you wanting more because the introspective lyrics, the questions, the innocent answers; at times I’d compare this record to a heavier version of Ryan Adams with much darker themes.




“Halfway There”

 Do you want an honest opinion on this record or a fluffed over blurb?  The fluffed over version is that this record has potential yet falls flat due to poor mixes and bad overall production.

 The songs are not horrible but a good producer could have shaped each song a tad better.  For the most part, the record sounds like a Slaughter record with moments of tuned down riffage that gives the record a slighter darker feel in moments.

 The last 3 songs are where the record should have started and ended because they are the true gems on this disc.  “Disposable” is an epic track that sounds like a modern day Beatles number; this IS the best track from the record!

 “Turn It” is catchy, and “Not Here” is moving.  For the most part this record is forgettable and lacks the structure which could have made the record much stronger.




“Mother of God”

 Do not let this 6 song record fool you, this is a full length record due to most songs being 8+ minutes in length which make this a long play release.

 Doom laden, sinister, and gut wrenching is how I’d describe every song on this disc.  The riff is God and Corpse Light clearly shine bright in the dark/atmospheric gloom metal world.

 Check out the bands latest video “$5.75”  

Author: Bob Suehs