Jun 2, 2017

Gene Simmons - The Trocadero

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Philadelphia, PA

The Trocadero

 Gene Simmons Set List:  Deuce, Shout It Out Loud, Nothin’ To Lose, Calling Dr. Love, Do You Love Me, I Love It Loud, Parasite, Radioactive, Christine Sixteen, Sweet and Dirty Love, Got Love For Sale, Cold Gin, Charisma, Domino, Jam, Rice Pudding (Jeff Beck Cover), Let Me Go Rock N Roll, Rock N Roll All Nite

 Gene Simmons brought an amazing 2 hour show to Philly and the intimate setting created a unique experience for the die hard KISS fans in attendance.


 Creem Circus opened the show with a splash of 70’s excess which included glittery platform shoes!  Mixing T-Rex with New York Dolls, Creem Circus were a fun opener and during the last song of their set the bands lead guitarist actually threw his guitar into the crowd and one lucky fan walked off with it!

 Gene Simmons had an amazing backing band and from the opening if “Deuce” till the final notes of “Rock N Roll All Nite”, they made Gene sound amazing!

 The set list was loose, they played random old and new KISS songs with a few rarities tossed in per fans requests.  

 Gene asked the crowd if anyone had a “Rock star kid” and he explained how he recently brought a kid onstage to jam with him and the little girl was an amazing player.  A young boy took the stage this night to jam “Parasite” with Gene and he nailed the song which astounded Gene.  By the end of the song Gene said jokingly to the boy, “Now give me that guitar and get off my stage!” because the young boy was showing up Gene on many levels considering he was a pre-teen and could already play a KISS classic.

 “Rice Pudding” was performed for the first time at this show and Gene prefaced it by saying it was a song he listened to every night before he took the stage and it was one of his favorite songs.

 “Sweet and Dirty Love” was performed for the first time live, EVER, on this night and it’s a track that will appear on Gene’s box set on un-released music.

 When a fan yelled out “She’s So European” the band began playing a small snippet of it but Gene cut it after a few bars because he clearly forgot how it went.  Another fan yelled out “Hate” and Gene recited the opening verse of it.

 The nights closer was “Rock N Roll All Nite” and for that song Gene invited all the children in the crowd to join him onstage to sing the chorus.  The funny part was watching grown men trying to pass themselves off as children and hearing Gene say, “No, you are not a kid, you have a full beard, you cannot come up!”.  Many grown men still tried to get onstage but Gene only allowed children for the nights closer.

 All in all this was a fun experience and a rare chance to see Gene Simmons in a tiny club performing KISS classics.

Author: Bob Suehs