Jul 7, 2017

Better Than Ezra - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

 Better Than Ezra Set List:  King of New Orleans, Sunflowers, Misunderstood, Breathless, Lifetime, The Great Unknown, Crazy Lucky, Extra, Feel Good Inc, Good, Laid, Juicy/Rappers Delight, Desperately Wanting, Porcelain, Rosealia, In The Blood (NOTE: This set list is not 100% accurate because the band changed what was listed on the onstage set list)

 “Last Dance With Mary Jane” is a well written Tom Petty track; when Better Than Ezra covered it this night they made it their own by lead singer Kevin Griffin adding his trademark vocals and witty sense of humor to the song.

 Better Than Ezra have been consistent with a tour schedule which has kept them on the road for almost every Summer.  The band made a stop in Baltimore and performed at Rams Head Live which is the premier concert venue in downtown Baltimore.  

 “Blood In The Water” by Dave Matthews was performed and Kevin joked that after performing a Dave Matthews song he felt like Eleven from Stranger Things, totally drained!

 The crowd was post grunge and beer drinking which helped the band to celebrate drummer Michael Jerome’s birthday on this night.

 Sound wise Better Than Ezra were clear as a bell and their live mix was a solid 10.  Touring keyboardist/guitarist James Arthur Payne Jr. fills in the gaps quite nicely and enhances each song.  Bassist Tom Drummond looks just a tad like Mr. Bean and his rhythm playing alongside Jerome’s drumming is what keeps Better Than Ezra’s sound so solid.

 Kevin is a quirky, constantly smiling, exuberant ball of onstage energy who kept the crowd entertained with jokes, energy, and great overall stage presence.

 Better Than Ezra rocked Baltimore and their set was fast, fun, and totally 90’s.


Author: Bob Suehs