Jul 15, 2017

Slayer, Owl Company, Children of the Program

Category: CD/Video Reviews



“Repentless - Limited Edition Version”

 This version of the Slayer “Repentless” record includes a bonus dvd of the bands performance at the 2014 Wacken Fest.  The bands entire performance is intense from start till finish and watching this video is actually a far cry from what an actual Slayer performance is like.  To experience a  Slayer concert in person is an experience; it’s hot, sweaty, loud, and aggressive.  This DVD delivers a slick, solid performance which looks/sounds amazing but cannot deliver the true expressions of darkness and power that Slayer exude onstage in person.

 “Repentless” is a 12 song record that sounds like typical Slayer.  “Delusions of Saviour” opens the record with a classic overtone for Slayer; the calm before the storm which leads into the title track “Repentless”.  

 “When The Stillness Comes” has slight overtones of “Seasons In The Abyss” and is the only slower track on this record.

 “Pride in Prejudice” closes the record and leaves the listener in a state of frenzy.  Solid rhythm guides every song on this record while crazy lead guitar solos fill the gaps and add the metallic moments.  Gary Holt is the perfect replacement for Jeff on guitar and his playing enhances what Slayer do quite well.




 Brazilian rockers Owl Company have a new record called “Horizon” which rocks hard with overtones of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple while maintaining a fresh and modern sound.

 The record has a thick guitar tone, solid rhythm, and clean vocals which give the band a classic metal sound.  “Underdog” is a groove based song that has a chunky guitar riff which gives the song a Corrosion of Conformity styled sound.

 This record is well written, has riffs o’ plenty, and delivers a solid slab of metal/hard rock that fans of guitar driven hard rock will enjoy.




“Edge of The Fifth Sun”

by: Brad Cox

 Part 2 of the “Children of the Program” franchise by Maryland based author/musician Brad Cox picks up where the first book left off by telling a futuristic tale of good vs. evil.

 At times there are elements which blend reality with fiction and it creates an interesting blurred reality to the novel.   There is an accompanying soundtrack which is a chapter by chapter soundscape/companion to the novel as well.

Here's an interview we did with Brad Cox for "Children of the Program pt. 1"

 For more info on Children of the Program go to: https://www.facebook.com/childrenoftheprogram/  

Author: Bob Suehs