Jul 28, 2017

Slayer / Lamb of God - Pier Six

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Baltimore, MD


 Lamb of God Set List:  Laid To Rest, Something To Die For, 512, Engage The Fear Machine, Ruin, Descending, Blacken The Cursed Sun, Still Echoes, Walk With Me In Hell, Redneck

 Slayer Set List:  Repentless, The Antichrist, Disciple, Postmortem, Hate Worldwide, War Ensemble, When The Stillness Comes, You Against You, Mandatory Suicide, Hallowed Point, Dead Skin Mask, Born of Fire, Bloodline, Seasons In The Abyss, Hell Awaits, South of Heaven, Raining Blood, Chemical Warfare, Angel of Death

 A Torrential downpour of rain plagued this entire concert from start till finish.  The crowd didn’t seem to mind the weather, the only true issue was that fact that this venue was totally seated and there was no general admission pit area for moshing.

 Randy from Lamb of God and Tom from Slayer both apologized to the crowd for the seats but the crowd didn’t seem to mind the seats.

 Lamb of God played for a solid hour and their set was flawless in both sound and execution.  Mark’s guitar parts were spot on and the Virginia based band clearly brought their own hometown crowd to this show.  

 Randy Blythe looks like an angry praying mantis onstage and his presence is what makes a Lamb of God performance memorable.  The heavy downpour of rain caused many concert goers to arrive late but none the less L.O.G. delivered a solid performance which gave Slayer a run for their money.

 Kerry King has been a metal juggernaut on guitar for over 3 decades, tragically the Slayer camp lost Jeff several years back but gained an amazing replacement in Gary Holt from Exodus.

 Gary Holt adds a new dimension to what Slayer does while also preserving the legacy of Jeff Hanneman.  Holt used a Gibson Les Paul onstage towards the middle of Slayer’s set and that’s something the band has not done since their early days.

 Tom Araya looks a tad older than when the band started yet sounds exactly the same.  Paul Bostaph does a great job holding down the beat and being honest with you, he’s actually better than Dave Lombardo on a technical level.

 Slayer’s set covered all the classics alongside a few newer tracks from recent releases.  The only thing missing from the bands performance was pyro.

 Slayer were loud, their mix was excellent, and the band delivered a strong performance which left the crowd begging for more.

 When the show ended at 10:50 PM the sky was black and rain poured down as if it were taken from the scene in “Evil Dead” which the Slayer song “Raining Blood” is based upon.


Author: Bob Suehs