Aug 8, 2017

Janes Addiction, The Toadies

Category: CD/Video Reviews



“The Lower Side of Uptown”

 Vaden and the boys are back with a 12 track rock n roll record entitled “The Lower Side of Uptown” which describes the overall vibe of this record quite well.

 At first listen it’s easy to overlook the simple nuances like the opening guitar lick to “When I Die” which sounds like a long lost Joe Walsh riff.  Each song on this record is an opus to all things rock and this record is one of the bands best releases to date.

 Listen to this record a few times before passing judgement, each song takes a few listens before your ears truly understand what they are hearing; this is a record you fall in love with after a few spins.

The Toadies have an amazing guitar tone on this record and each song stands on it's own as an individual piece of art.  


“Alive at 25 - Ritual De Lo Habitual”

 This live record celebrates the 25th anniversary of Janes Addictions break through release, “Ritual De Lo Habitual” and if I’m being honest with you, the record is exactly what you think it is, it’s Janes Addiction performing the record in it’s entirety, live onstage, along with 4 extra songs.

 The live CD sounds great but the accompanying DVD is what sets this package off because witnessing the band in action alongside scantily clad girls who get suspended above the stage via hooks in their back, that’s what you want to see!




 Every Mothers Nightmare were an 80’s hair metal band who most people forgot about due in part to the over saturation of that that genre.  

 In 2017 Every Mothers Nightmare are back with a new release entitled “Grind” which sounds old school, the vocals are clean, the guitars are loud, and everything you might expect from a hair metal band is on this release.

Author: Bob Suehs