Sep 8, 2017

Dead Cross - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Dead Cross Set List:  Seizure and Desist, Idiopathic, Obedience School, Shillelagh, New #2, Bela Legosi’s Dead, Divine Filth, Grave Slave, The Future Has Been Cancelled, Prisoner New #1, Gag Reflex, Church of the Motherfuckers, ENCORE:  Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Raining Blood/Epic (tease)

 Mike Patton is best known as the eccentric front man for 90’s rock act Faith No More and Dave Lombardo is best remembered as the drummer from Slayer.  Together these two amazing musicians have formed a new band called Dead Cross.  The music Dead Cross create is best described as chaotic avant-garde metal core; the energy is pure punk, the aggression is straight up hard core and the only band currently out there with this type of a show is the band Trash Talk.

 Secret Chiefs 3 started the night off at 9:30 PM with a set that left the audience a slight bit confused at times due in part to the bands random instrumentation(s), odd timings, and lack of vocals.  The theme for the movie “Halloween” was performed and that was one of the bands shining moments.

 Mike Patton and Dead Cross took the stage at 10:45 PM and without a moments notice, Mike immediately dove into the pit to perform his opening vocals amongst the crowd!  “Seizure and Desist” started the Dead Cross set with a level of energy that would set the pace for their entire set!

 Dave Lombardo is playing faster beats with Dead Cross than he did in Slayer and his precision was flawless on this night!

 The crowd was enamored with Patton and showed him love throughout the entire night.  Patton returned the favor by making jokes about band shirts audience members were wearing and scouting the audience for a thick beard.  Mike joked that during a slight pause in the show he could feel his beard growing.

 Guitarist Mike Crain used 2 different guitars throughout the bands set and one guitar was missing most of it’s knobs and had only 3 strings.  Mike’s guitar tone was shrill, loud, and nothing less than intense.

 The bands encore consisted of 2 covers; “Raining Blood” was the closer and featured a tiny snippet of Faith No More’s “Epic”.  

 This show went very fast, the band was off stage quite fast and the audience was clearly a large Faith No  More/Mike Patton crowd.

 Interesting side note, Maryland director John Waters was in the crowd for this show and seemed to enjoy the bands performance!


Author: Bob Suehs