Sep 22, 2017

Tripp Eisin forming a new band!

Category: Live Reviews

Former Dope, Static X, Murderdolls guitarist Tripp Eisen is looking for YOU if you’re an East Coast musician!

 Spending the day in New York I visited the St. Marks area where all the cool kids and artsy types hang.  I spotted the Tripp flier in the hallway area of the shop Search and Destroy.  Search and Destroy is an off the wall vintage clothing store which has an odd hard core porn theme throughout the store;  Dildos and sex toys are pretty much everywhere if you look closely.

 Tripp vanished from the music world after dealing with several legal issues:  

February 10, 2005 on a felony charge in Orange County, California for having sexual intercourse with an underage girl.

February 24, 2005, Eisen was arrested again in California by New Jersey detectives for the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl from New Jersey.

June 24, 2005, Eisen pleaded guilty of the charges in California and was sentenced to a year in state prison.

Eisen was back in jail on December 10, 2008 following a parole violation. He was released on October 19, 2009.

 In 2017 Tripp is looking to make a comeback and as the flier states, interests parties can email Mr. Eisen to set up an audition.  No further details on the band name, style, or show dates are known as of yet.

 Tripp made his return to the stage in 2016 and in 2017/2018 it appears that he is poised for a full return to the music world but the question is, will the music world allow him the opportunity to return?


Author: Bob Suehs