Sep 27, 2017

Marilyn Manson - Fillmore

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The Fillmore

 Marilyn Manson Set List:  Revelation #12, This is The New Shit, mOBSCENE, The Dope Show, Kill4Me, No Reflection, Deep Six, Tourniquet, We Know Where You Fucking Live, Disposable Teens, Sweet Dreams, Lunchbox, Say10, The Beautiful People

 The venue listed doors as opening at 7 PM and Alice Glass was to start at 8 PM; in actuality the doors opened shortly after 8:15 PM and the show started closer to 8:30 PM.  The line to gain entry inside the Fillmore stretched for nearly a mile, snaking around several buildings.  Restless fans were annoyed by the long wait and venue security stated that the reason for the later show time was because Manson’s meet and greet ran late.

 Alice Glass are not a band.  Alice Glass is a pop/dance fusion singer and most of the music is a track with live drums and occasional guitar.  Alice Glass is fun to watch onstage, her persona is best described as a puncher version of Debbie Harry BUT much of Alice’s vocals were not live.  Alice sang along to a  track.  At times you could clearly see Alice’s lips closed yet the vocals were still going ala Milli Vanilli.

 Alice Glass ended her set abruptly and said, “Thank you” just before walking off stage; a large black curtain covered the stage thus confirming that Marilyn Manson was next!

 Opening night of the Marilyn Manson tour meant that there would be flubs, loose ends, and mistakes.  At various points throughout the show you could feel that the band were loose, working out the kinks, and messing around.  Twiggy noodled with the bass line from “My Monkey” while laying on the ground with Manson before “Beautiful People” started.  Tyler pulled out the guitar lick to “Lunch Box” before Manson introduced the song, Manson told the band to stop “Sweet Dreams” during the sing-a-long chorus part so he could do one more sing a long with the crowd.  

 Manson’s interaction with the crowd between songs was unintelligible gibberish at times and he joked that it was a reason for the crowd to never do speed because speed caused you to talk too fast.  

 The big question is, was this this a good Marilyn Manson show or a bad Marilyn Manson show?  To be honest with you, it was somewhere in the middle.  The old school Manson fans will agree that this is NOT the same band that came out in 1993.  Manson has changed over the years and his presence has weakened over time.  In the beginning Manson was scary, dark, and you never knew what you may see at one of his performances.  In 2017 Manson is drab, predictable, and offering a watered down version of what he once was.  

 Manson sported an outfit which made him look like a goth fisherman and unlike David Bowie, Manson never changed his presence to reflect his age.  Twiggy adapted much better to age than Manson; Twiggy still delivers a performance that sounds and looks rock n roll.  

 Tyler and Wiley on guitar are the saving grace for Manson’s live band.  Tyler and Wiley add a sleekness to the Manson sound; they are the element which make the band truly different, fresh, and new from a fans perspective.  When Tyler performs onstage with Manson the samples are rarely needed and the band has an organic live feel.  The usual industrial/sample heavy style is not there with Bates onstage.

 Two very notable moments in the show involved Manson trying to play bass and guitar.  Manson took the guitar off Wiley during “Lunch Box” and briefly noodled with it and before “Beautiful People” Manson took Twiggy’s bass and tried to play it.

 During “Tourniquet” Manson used his trademark stilts and wore a black feathered trench coat which made him look like a goth version of Big Bird.

 “Lunch Box” and “Tourniquet” were added to the set, these 2 have not been performed during the overseas shows which kicked off this tour.  “Kill4Me” made it’s live debut onstage this night and for the most part this show was fun; the reality is that this is not the same Marilyn Manson from 1993, it’s a different beast and fans have the option to accept it or move on.  From my perspective in the crowd, the only negative from this show was the crowd.  Manners were not an option; the annoying people outnumbered the good people at this show.


Author: Bob Suehs