Oct 2, 2017

Venom Inc / Goatwhore - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland


 Venom coined the term “Black Metal” with their aptly titled release of the same name.  The bands style/sound are what created an entire sub genre and their influence on the underground metal scene is undeniable.  It’s nearly impossible to go to a death metal show without seeing at least one Venom shirt and in 2017 there are two touring versions of the band:  One is fronted by original Venom frontman Cronos while the other has an “Inc.” at the end of it’s name and features original guitarist Mantas and original drummer Abaddon.

 Venom Inc recorded a new album in 2017 entitled “Ave” and ventured out on a full US tour which stopped at Baltimore Soundstage on a Monday evening in October.

 Goatwhore were direct support for Venom Inc. and delivered an intense performance which intoxicated the mid sized crowd with shrill sounds of molten metal!  Goatwhore have developed their sound over the years and this was one of the bands tightest performances in Baltimore, EVER!  Sonically the band gelled well, the guitars were punchy, the drums were insane, and the vocals were angry as f*ck!

 Venom Inc. were the headliner and interestingly enough, when Goatwhore finished their set a small portion of the crowd actually left!  That was a huge mistake because Venom Inc. were preparing for battle and getting ready to bring Baltimore some true black metal!

 Mantas took the stage with shaved sides, a sleek demeanor, and a white flying V guitar.  His guitar tone cut through every ear drum in the room and offered an pleasing tone which allowed the devil into every ear drum.

 Abaddon swigged a bottle of Jack Daniels between every few songs and at the end of the set he offered everyone a hit off the bottle.  The entire front row gleefully chugged off the bottle!

 Demolition Man on bass/vocals is the perfect fit for this band, he adds his own style to the band while paying tribute to old school Venom.  

 At the bands merch table you could pick up a Venom shirt for $20, a guitar pick for $3, or an autographed poster for $10. All souvenirs were reasonably priced.

 “War Head” featured a crowd sing-a-long which came off a tad weak due to the small crowd, “Black Metal” was the absolute highlight of the show, and “Countess Bathory” received a huge crowd cheer.

 Mantas wears his influences on his sleeve, literally!  If you look closely you will see a Judas Priest tattoo on the back of his arm.  On his forearm is an Ace Frehley tattoo, and on this night he also sported an Ace Frehley wristband as well.

Author: Bob Suehs