Oct 25, 2017

Lords of Acid / Combichrist - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland


 Lords of Acid Set List:  Voodoo - U, Do What You Wanna, Young Boys, Dirty WIlly, Drink My Honey, Mr Machoman, She & Mr Jones, Blowing Up Ur Mind, Out Comes The Evil, Marihuana In Your, The Crablouse, Rough Sex/Take Control, Rubber Doll, Pussy, Scrood Bi U, ENCORE: Most Wonderful Girl, I Sit on Acid

 Lords of Acid have a rabid fanbase but sadly they rarely tour the United States.  Lord’s post industrial dance rock is created by mastermind Praga Khan whose demeanor is scruffy and meek; a stark contrast to the music he creates.

 En Esch opened the show and his set was a tad boring, the energy level was just not there on this night.

 Christian Death took the stage with goth prowess; sheets covered the bands gear while movie projections displayed behind and over the band members.  This version of the band features Valor And on guitar/vocals and Maitri on bass.  The best way I can describe Christian Death’s set is that it was depressing as f*ck with dark undertones, the vibe was dark and moody, the music was anything but upbeat, and their set was not for everyone.  Red Roses adorned all mic stands and Valor looked like he had just visited Renn Fest.

 Combichrist took the stage and was a breath of fresh air after Christian Death’s set.  Andy LaPlegua is a large dude but onstage he moves like a butterfly while he screams to the dance beats and guttural guitar tones.

 Joe Letz is the craziest drummer you will ever witness in your entire life!  On this night he took the stage in full drag with an ensemble that included a striped dress, garters, and pink panties which he would eventually pull down so he could stick 2 drum sticks in his ass crack.  After he pulled the sticks from his ass crack he proceeded to lick them!

 Brent Ashley on bass and Eric13 on guitar add a “metal” element to the Combichrist live show; Eric used an Eric Peterson/Testament model Flying V for most of the bands set.  

 Witnessing Combichrist on this night was like watching a runaway train; there was bound to be a crash at some point and no matter which direction you fixed your eyes to the audience was treated to an intense, unique rock show which was reminiscent of old School Marilyn Manson concerts.

 Just a warning, if you ever witness Joe Letz playing drums for Combichrist PLEASE be aware that drumsticks WILL be flying towards you for the bulk of their set!

 When Combichrist finished their set a small portion of the crowd left and that was shocking when you consider how rare a Lords of Acid performance in Maryland is.

 Praga Khan and his current touring version of Lords of Acid performed a 90 minute set that featured whips, dancing girls, asses, and a penis if you looked close.

 Mea Fisher handles lead vocals for Lords of Acid in 2017 and her stage presence is best described as Shirley Manson (Garbage) on Acid!  Mea wore a sheer costume with duct tape on her nipples, big platform boots, and Princess Leia buns on each side of her head.

 Joe Haze handled guitar duties and his energy level was over the top, he spun in circles, ran across the stage, and interacted with the crowd throughout the duration of the show.

 Mea and Joe both fell onstage due to random pockets of spilled water.

 Bassist DieTrich is an interesting fit because he comes off like Nikki Sixx with dreads and he is the largest member of Lords of Acid.

 During “Rubber Doll” a touring keyboardist for Lords of Acid walked onstage totally nude.  Holding a blow up doll by the ass with his penis, the keyboardist had his ass duct taped up.  Once “Rubber Doll” started he ripped the doll off his penis and threw the doll into the crowd.

 Praga would randomly sling his leg over his keyboard and a roadie had the sole job of hanging Praga his drink(s) when he needed them.

 At various points in the set it was obvious that all of the music was a track because in given moments you could see Praga’s keyboard falling to the ground, guitars were not being strummed, and the drums and vocals were the only true live instruments being played at any given moment.

 Lords of Acid are an experience, they are a sexually charged interaction of love, hate, drug culture, and hedonism.



Author: Bob Suehs