Nov 5, 2017

Cattle Decapitation / Despised Icon - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland



 Despised Icon Set List:  Bad Vibes, A Fractured Hand, The Aftermath, Furtive Monologue, Bulletproof Scales, Day or Mourning, Retina, Inner Demons, In The Arms of Perdition, Beast, MVP

 Cattle Decapitation Set List:  Carbon, Dead Set, Prophets, Living Breath, Krokodil Rot, Circo, Mad, Not Suitable, Apex Blas, Regret, Forced, Kingdom, Manu, Pac Grim, ENCORE:  Your Disposal

 On a balmy Sunday evening in Baltimore Cattle Decapitation headlined a 5+ hour Death Metal spectacular which featured Revocation and Despised Icon as openers.

 I arrived as Revocation were just starting their set and the band overall live sound was thick yet clear.  Looking at the crowded club it was interesting to try an figure out what each band name was because every death metal fan knows that the band logos are indecipherable.  

 The amount of merch each band brought was impressive.  There was a massive amount of shirts, cd’s, vinyl, and random trinkets at each band table and fans scooped it all up.

 Despised Icon commented that the last time they had been in Maryland was in 2010 and the Canadian Metal Monsters brought their A-game on this night.  Despised Icon have a twin vocal attack and their guitar tone was a sonic thud of noise which complimented their overall vibe.  Musically Despised Icon are a much harder and more intense version of Hatebreed.

 Cattle Decapitation set their own gear up and during a guitar check touring guitarist Belisario Dimuzio tossed out a short cover of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard.

 Cattle Decapitation front man Travis Ryan is reminiscent of a young Phil Anselmo and lead guitarist Josh Elmore creates intricate lead riffs which make the Cattle Decapitation sound.

 Travis commented that this would be the bands last tour before entering the studio to work on a new record and he made it a point to thank the Maryland fans for always supporting the band.  

 It’s hard to gauge which band had the bigger mosh pit between Cattle Decapitation and Despised Icon because both bands brought a high energy set which made the most pit roar with angst.

 One observation I noted on this night was the manners which the crowd exuded.  Everyone was polite, nice, showed graciousness towards each other, and for an extreme metal show this was one of the most pleasant crowds I’ve ever witnessed.

Author: Bob Suehs