Nov 30, 2017

Devin Townsend Project - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland



 Devin Townsend Project Set List:  Truth, Stormbending, Failure, Night, Deadhead, Hyperdrive, Gaia, Canada, Bad Devil, Supercrush, Poozers, More, Kingdom, Ih Ah, Higher

 The Devin Townsend Project performed at Baltimore Soundstage on Thursday, November 30, 2017 and their set was a combination of prog power, comedy,  and chunky riffage.  Devin Townsend is a quirky and unassuming genius when it comes to his musical prowess.

 DTP took the stage a few minutes after 10 PM and delivered a set which came off totally serious until Devin took the mic and began joking about Heavy Metal, Dicks, and breaking guitars.  Towards the end of the set Devin joked that he loved how Motley Crue songs would end with a bang and he wanted to recreate that same “bang” with the crowd.

 The venue was sectioned off towards the back thus making it look like an almost sold out show.  The entire floor was filled and unlike most metal shows, this crowd was not there to mosh, this crowd was there to watch Devin and his band of amazing musicians perform onstage.

 Devin contorts his face at times with random facial expressions which he does to make the crowd laugh; these are his “metal” poses and they make fun of the overly serious acts who try to come off too serious. 

 “Kingdom” was the set closer and Devin took the stage for “Ih Ah” solo with just an acoustic guitar.

 Devin told the audience he had a special acoustic guitar given to him by a Canadian guitar company but the guitar was destroyed by accident and he had to replace it with the one he was playing on this night.  He joked that he had yet to tell the company that their guitar was demolished and that they would find out via this show.

 “Higher” was the last song of the night and it started with a slow build which blistered into a raging slab of metallic mayhem.  Devin and his band thanked the crowd, wished them a happy holiday, and told them he would see them soon. 



Author: Bob Suehs