Dec 24, 2017

Santa Cruz, Tracy G, Dinosaur Eyelids

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 This cd opens with a chunky groove laden track entitled “Rollin’ With G” which has a hook that sounds like “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam.  

 Style wise, Perfect Defect is straight up hard rock, their energy is organic, and their grooves are deep.  

 Perfect Defect have a distinctive 90’s style coupled with old school hard rock tones.  The clean vocals add to the bands power while the guitar licks are what make this band memorable.





 Patrick Johansson from the Yngwie Malmsteen band is an in-demand, extremely popular drummer these days and as a member of the Tracy G Group he adds his style of drumming to the insane guitar work former Dio guitarist Tracy G lays down.

 “The Revolution” starts this disc off on an intense note and the entire record is a non stop, metal drenched listen from start till finish.  

 “The Erector” has a slight Pantera-ish vibe to it and “The Leech” has a heavy melodic element which makes it a stand out track on this disc.

 “Brokenness” has a slight Ronnie James Dio feel to it and “Arrogant Prick” has a super low tuning which makes it sound like Korn in parts.

  The element which makes this record memorable is Tracy G’s amazing guitar work, the man is a shred-a-holic and his playing is awe inspiring!





“Bad Blood Rising”

 This record starts out loud, fast, and in your face….the latest release from glam rock phenoms Santa Cruz is an anthemic, balls out, loud as hell record which forces the listener to pay attention.

 Strong vocals, loud guitars, thick bass, and tough drumming is what makes the latest release by Santa Cruz stand out.

 “Young Blood Rising” is the first song on this record and it’s delivery is second only to it’s energy which starts at 10 and finished at 11!

 “River Phoenix” is a modern sounding metal song with a bigger than life chorus which fans will sing from the moment they hear it.  “River Phoenix” is a 2 part song.

 “Drag Me Out of Darkness” is the slow/tender moment on the record which shows that the band can deliver more than just aggression.

 “Voice of the New Generation” puts every single Asking Alexandria song to shame because they perfect the sound/style that Asking Alexandria could never truly figure out.

 “Get Me Out of California” is an amazing power ballad and is an ode to bands like Motley Crue and Skid Row.





“Left Turn on Red”

 New Jersey based Dinosaur Eyelids are an indie/hard rock outfit which some have compared to 90’s era grunge/alt rock.  The band has a lo fi sound which fulfills the indie rock essence of the band while the guitar work is fuzzy and 70’s hard rock.

 “Day Zero” opens this record with a hard rock punch and the band has groove, style, and tones which make them stand out from the packs of clone bands.

 “Into The Woods” has a thick, thud-like guitar riff which leads the track and the wah-wah drenched solo adds a Sabbath-y style to the track.

 Overall this record is chock full of stoner rock with indie elements.  The minimal aspects are what fill in the gaps and create the sound that is Dinosaur Eyelids. 

Author: Bob Suehs