Jan 29, 2018

Black Label Society, COC, Red Fang - Fillmore

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Black Label Society / Corrosion of Conformity / Red Fang


Baltimore, Maryland

The Fillmore


 Black Label Society Set List:  Genocide Junkies, Funeral Bell, Suffering Overdue, Bleed For Me, Heart of Darkness, Suicide Messiah, Trampled Down Below, All That Once Shined, Room of Nightmares, Bridges To Cross, In This River, The Blessed Hellride, Fire It Up, Concrete Jungle, Stillborn

 Corrosion of Conformity Set List:  Bottom Feeder, The Luddite, Seven Days, Vote With A Bullet, Long Whip/Big America, Who’s Got The Fire, 13 Angels, Broken Man, Albatross, Clean My Wounds


 Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society set up shop in Silver Spring, Maryland and Mr. Wylde brought a volume soaked duo of openers with him that brought the stoner rock.

 Red Fang opened the show with a pungent overdose of trippy, atmospheric, and intoxicating stoner rock.  The lights were deep, the vibe was dark, and the weed smoking was intense during the Red Fang set.

 Black Sabbath meets The Obsessed with a touch of Sleep is how the Red Fang set sounded.  The crowd was anxious to witness the band and the band delivered what I would describe as the dirtiest set of the night for sure.  When I say “Dirty” I do not mean that it was vulgar, when I say “Dirty” I mean that it was intense to a point that the concert goer was taken to another planet while the 4 men of Red Fang churned out their musical journey for the evening.

 Corrosion of Conformity brought a slightly more commercial vibe to the stage compared to Red Fang’s primal approach.

 Eddie from KYNG was in attendance for this show and he told me before C.O.C.’s set that the band was taking a break before working on new music.  KYNG may do a few music festivals in 2018 but for the most part their touring cycle was done.  I asked Eddie if he had any plans to jump onstage and jam with Zakk and he replied that if he was going to jump onstage that it would be with C.O.C.  Eddie never took the stage, he simply headbanged from the side of the stage while taking pics of C.O.C. onstage with his phone.

 Pepper is the ultimate Southern Hard Rock frontman, his presence is straight up rock with a touch of Southern charm.  The obvious change in C.O.C. was that Reed was not on drums. 

 Woody tore into blistering guitar leads while Pepper held down bone solid rhythm, and Mike Dean is a groove monster when it comes to his bass playing prowess.

 C.O.C. played an interesting mix of old and new in their set.  “7 Days” sounded amazing, “Broken Man” was a nice surprise, and “Clean My Wounds” was the perfect set closer.

 Corrosion played an hour long set which ended way too fast.  A good portion of the audience yelled “C. O. C. !” as the band exited the stage. It was clear that the general crowd reaction was for Corrosion to play a longer set but unfortunately the stage had to be cleared for Zakk Wylde.

 A Large black curtain with the BLS logo covered the front of the stage while roadies set up the BLS stage which featured a huge wall of giant speakers.  The stage set up was reminiscent of old school Ted Nugent stages right down to Zakk’s chest pumping at the end of the show.

 The over indulgent solos were kept to a minimum and the only mega long guitar solo was towards the end of Zakk’s set when he walked through the crowd while playing guitar behind his head.

 During “Fire It Up” the BLS crew tossed out several dozen BLS beach balls which added some nice crowd interaction to the show.

 Zakk looked lean and in much better than health than he was a few years back.  The current version of BLS sounded great and Zakk made it a point to use his WYLDE AUDIO guitars exclusively for the entire evening.

Author: Bob Suehs