Feb 9, 2018

Anthrax - "Kings Among Scotland" DVD

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“Kings Among Scotland” DVD

 The latest offering from Thrash Metal icons Anthrax is a 2 disc concert set which chronicles the bands overseas jaunt to Scotland.  

 The first disc features a Concert set that starts with an 8 song set which features songs off their last record, “For All Kings” alongside choice gems from the bands illustrious career.  “Mad House” sounds amazing, “Be All, End All” is tight, but the last song of the set, “Breathing Lightning” is the icing on the cake and hands down best song of that set.

 “Blood Eagle Wings” opens with an intro that’s reminiscent of “Black Diamond” by KISS.  Scott performs the opening without the band ala Paul Stanley in the live version of “Black Diamond”.   The song itself is a sludgy rocker which shows a different side to Anthrax.

 Set #2 features the “Among the Living” record performed in it’s entirety.  The title track opens the set and “Caught in a Mosh” was the one which truly made the crowd erupt.

 Look for subtle things during this concert.  There’s an onstage teleprompter which sets center stage.  Joey rarely uses it but it wis there just incase he needs it.

 The back of Scott Ian’s guitar neck has an inscription which reads “Baldini”.  This is an ode to Dimebag, it’s the nickname Dime gave Scott when they toured together.

 One of Scott’s white Flying V’s sports writing on the sides that reads, “You’re Just a Bag of Blood and I’m Holding The Nail”.  Scott shows the inscription up close during his gear rundown on disc #2 of this set and speaking of disc #2…..

 Disc #2 of this set features bonus footage which includes a full gear rundown of all equipment Anthrax used for this show as well as a 30 minute documentary on their 2017 overseas tour.

 Between the interviews with band and crew we meet Scott Ian’s son and wife.  Scott’s wife is named Pearl but they misspell her name as “Peal” and the most touching moments of this documentary are when you see Scott and his son together on and off stage. 

 Frank Bello is the comedian of the band and his witty banter keeps the documentary rolling.  The tail end of the documentary shows various meet and greet sessions the band did with fans overseas and clearly Anthrax loves their fans.

 Charlie tells a story of meeting Jimmy Page and how that taught him to treat his fans with respect and politeness.

 The band members tell how KISS influenced them and how they emulated them in various ways throughout their career.  As an added bonus there is a free Anthrax sticker hidden inside the slot for Disc #1 which is yet another way the band pays homage to KISS because KISS were always known for adding special bonus content to their early records.

'Kings Among Scotland’ will be released on April 27 and can be pre-ordered at:

Author: Bob Suehs