Mar 4, 2018

2018 NJ Horror Con - New Jersey

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Iselin, New Jersey

Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel

 The 2018 New Jersey Horror Con went off quite well despite horrific winds and bad weather.  The biggest name at this Convention was former KISS drummer Peter Criss and the catman had his own suite which secluded him from the general population.

 Outside of the Catman’s suite were 3 tables.  One featured original photo’s for sale by photographer Len DeLessio, another table featured art from “Destroyer” / “Love Gun” artist Ken Kelly, and the smallest table was for fans to nominate Bill Aucoin for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

 No photo’s were allowed inside Peter Criss’s suite unless you paid for it.  Peter sat next to his wife Gigi and at his table were various photos, posters, and drum heads.  A selfie with Peter would set you back $40, a professional photo was $60, and each autograph was $50.  Peter wore purple glasses and came off frail while greeting the KISS Army. 

 The downstairs of the Hotel featured vendors galore that sold everything horror related.  You could easily find comic books, movies, posters, shirts, dolls, and random trinkets alongside actors from Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Craft that offered paid meet and greets.

 Bob Camp, creator of Ren & Stimpy offered fans an autograph for $10, hand drawn artwork for $20, and was more than willing to talk to fans, take selfies, and give advice on just about anything fans asked.

 Tawny Kitaen, best known as the girl who dances on the car in a Whitesnake video had a table but was nowhere to be seen for at least an hour while we were there.  Her table featured photos for sale from her past glories that included stills of her in a Whitesnake video, Ratt’s “Out of the Cellar” record cover, and the movie “Bachelor Party”.  

 Mick Foley had a long line waiting to meet him and he greeted each fan as if they were a long lost friend.  Mick took time with each person, did selfies, signed tons of autographs, and truly adored the people who came to meet him.

 Rachel True from The Craft was extremely polite to her fans, she answered questions, greeted everyone with a smile and clearly enjoyed her day.

 Bai Ling came off indifferent towards the crowd.  Her outfit featured Hundred Dollar Bills and her demeanor clearly showed that she was bored with the room. Bai was on her phone longer than she was with fans and it was obvious that this was just a paycheck for her.

 The costumes were interesting; there was an awesome Pennywise, an interesting Dr. Frankenfurter, and many families came to the event with Mom, Dad, and kids all dressed in their best horror gear.  

 Despite the horrible weather, the final day of the 2018 NJ Horror Con was a resounding success and everyone in attendance had a great time.

Author: Bob Suehs