Mar 23, 2018

John Christ (Danzig) - Interview

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John Christ was the driving force behind the first 4 studio records from Danzig.  Influencing three generations of rock fans, John’s guitar playing infused blues, hard rock, and at times classical with an emphasis on pinch harmonics.

 On July 5, 1995 John officially quit Danzig and slowly faded away from the hard rock world.  In 2004 John was involved in a tragic accident which left him unable to play guitar for several years.  In November of 2009 John performed live onstage in Essex, Maryland for the first time in nearly 10 years.

 Since 2009 John has slowly reinvolved himself with music once more by offering private guitar lessons, performing occasionally, and making his presence felt in the Maryland area.

 John granted us a one on one interview and opened up about his feelings on why he left Danzig, how he feels about The Misfits reunion, and the biggest take away from this interview was John’s confession that he is ready to perform with Glenn Danzig again!  

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Why did you quit Danzig originally?

 John Christ:  “It was a lot of things, we weren’t having fun anymore, we weren’t really getting along that well anymore, and the music was suffering.  We wanted different things at the time.  A lot of issues were going on and I wasn’t really mature enough to see the big picture.  I just knew that I needed a break and to do something different.  and so, yeah, we went our separate ways.  It was a good run I would have liked to have kept things going longer, had I known what I know now maybe that could happen, or maybe not.  

 Rock N Roll Experience:  What do you think of Glenn (Danzig) jamming with The Misfits again?

 John Christ:  “I think it’s great, I think those guys have known each other since they were kids, some of them, and I think it’s great that they can get together and play.”

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Do you want to play with Glenn (Danzig) again?

John Christ:  “Yes.  If he wanted to go around and do a bunch of shows, I’ve downloaded all of the live concerts on Youtube that I could find and I’ve practiced all the songs.  I’m ready to go tonight!  I’ve got my guitar onstage and I could be in New York by the morning!  I’m Ready.”

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Do You Keep In Touch with Glenn (Danzig) and Eerie Von at all?

 John Christ:  No.  I talked to Eerie about a year ago and I haven’t talked to Glenn….every now and again I will run into an old mutual acquaintance but it’s been a long time.  I wouldn’t even know how to get in touch with him.  I just let the fans know, yeah, it’s been 30 years, if he wants to jam I am ready to go!

 Rock N Roll Experience:  What happened to your hand, did you injure it at one point?

 John Christ:  “Yes, I was in an accident.  I was driving a truck, a big truck, and the left drivers side wheel blew out and the truck rolled over.  It was in LA.  It injected me into oncoming traffic and I got run over going to other way.  Somebody was going 70 miles an hour and I got hit in the fast lane.  My 2 fingers were dangling by the skin and they did emergency surgery and it took me 8 years to come back to playing.”

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Is your hand fully recovered now?

 John Christ:  “No, it works but I can’t feel anything in these 2 fingers I had to re-learn how to play.  My playing has changed but you will judge whether it’s any good or not.  I mean I know it’s good but it’s different.  I figured out how to work around some stuff and a lot of therapy so it doesn’t feel the same as it did but now my ear is more mature so hopefully I make up in style what I lost in feel.”

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Will 2018 mark the return of John Christ to the rock n roll world?

 John Christ:  “I’m already back, I don’t know (laughs)I’m having fun, that’s all that matters.  People are coming out and having a good time life’s just a big party now.  Everywhere I go it’s like interviews and photo sessions right now.  It’s a small scale, it’s not like back in the day, ’93 when “Mother” was hitting and all of that but there’s still people that remember, we’re just older now.  A lot of us have grandkids but back in the day nobody was even married of thinking about kids yet.  I’ve slowed down a little but still love the music, still love the sound, still love the crunch, still love the feedback, still love the connection to whatever that universal thing is that connects us all musically and if I can connect with that for even a couple of moments on a night with other people around to share its it’s good.”

 Rock N Roll Experience:  So What is the Next Move in Your Career?

 John Christ:  “That’s a good question.  Well, I’m working on a book, I’m working on some recording, I’m working on developing a rock n roll program for Community College and the Peabody I’m teaching an advanced rock group for kids, I have some really talented, Two 15 year old girls and a 13 year old boy and we’re doing Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guns N Roses, we are doing all kinds of stuff and these kids, everyone plays all their own instruments and sings.”

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Will your book be about Danzig or your life (story)?

 John Christ:  “No, it’s about music and guitar.  I’m expanding my teaching, I’m going to be doing workshops and guitar camps, and rock camps, and also if people want to book me to do solos on their album globally I can travel so there’s a lot of inquiries, people wanting me to play on songs and of course I would love to jam with Metallica again, love to jam with Danzig again, all of those old bands.  C.O.C., Soundgarden, Korn, Marilyn Manson, all of the bands were toured with back in the day, I hope to run into those guys some day just to get together, play, and have fun.

Author: Bob Suehs