Apr 6, 2018

Cradle of Filth / Jinjer - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD

 Jinjer Set List:  Who Is Gonna Be The One, Words of Wisdom, Sit Stay Roll Over, I Speak Astronomy, Just Another, Pisces, Zhelayu Znachit Poluchu, Captain Clock, Outlander, No Hoard of Value, Cloud Factory, Bad Water, Scissors

 Ukrainian metal band Jinjer saved the day on April 6, 2018 when Dani Filth from the shock metal act Cradle of Filth decided to cancel his performance for the second time in a row at Baltimore Soundstage.

 Small pieces of paper were handed out to all who stood in line for the Cradle of Filth show on this evening.  The paper stated that:

 “Unfortunately Dani Filth is Too Sick To Play This Evening And Cradle of Filth Has To Cancel.  

 Jinjer will still be playing and are performing an extended hour long set!

 If you Would Like a refund you can have one!  Please Contact Ticketfly customer service at 1-877-435-9849 or Soundstage would like to offer you 2 free tickets to any upcoming shows for each Cradle ticket that you want to exchange, just contact our box office at:  boxoffice@baltimoresoundstage.com"

 Half of the crowd decided to leave while the other half decided to hang around to see what Jinjer had to offer.

 Uncured opened the show with a metal core set that offered up intricate guitar work while maintaining a balance of heaviness which appeased the crowds thirst for new metal.

 It was interesting to see the Cradle of Filth backdrop layered behind the Uncured & Jinjer banners and mixed amongst the barrage of merchandise being sold on this night was a full table of Cradle of Filth goodies which included an autographed photo of the band for $5.  It took huge balls to sell the crowd C.O.F. swag when half of the crowd was clearly irate over the bands cancellation.

 Cradle of Filth cancelled a prior performance at Baltimore Soundstage nearly one year prior to this show and this second cancellation left a sour taste in most of the audiences collective mouths.

 Cradle of Filth did their pre show meet and greet prior to announcing the cancellation of this show which led to speculation of just how sick Dani truly was.  IF Dani was truly that sick it’s odd that he chose to meet fans and possibly infect them with his cold/flu germs.  By choosing to do the paid meet and greet before cancelling their performance C.O.F. avoided fully refunding fans who paid for the meet and greet.

 Jinjer took the stage a little after 9 PM and lead singer Tatiana Shmailyuk is a heavy metal version of Gwen Stefani, her deep aggro growls were balanced with soulful, clean vocals.

 Musically Jinjer are a melting pot of styles, sounds, and elements.  Metal, Hardcore, Hard Rock, and even R&B are all influences on the sound of Jinjer.  

 Drummer Vlad Ulasevich is the latest addition to Jinjer and his drumming held every song together while bassist Eugene A. held the groove together.  Guitarist Roman I. is an interesting musician because his style of playing is part shred, part nu-metal.  

 A decent sized mosh pit erupted throughout most of the Jinjer set and to their credit they saved the day with an hour long set that offered the crowd a consolation prize for Dani’s cancellation. 

Author: Bob Suehs