Apr 24, 2018

The Darkness - Rams Head Live

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Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

 The Darkness Set List:  Open Fire, LIOAF, Southern Trains, Black Shuck, One Way Ticket, Given Up, All The Pretty Girls, Barbarian, Buccaneers, Friday Night, Every Inch, Solid Gold, Stuck In A Rut, Get Yer Hands Off, Growing On Me, Japanese, I Believe

 The Struts are currently paving the way for English rock bands in 2018 BUT back in 2003 The Darkness led the way for the New Wave of British Glam Rock with their breakthrough hit, “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”.

 Justin Hawkins is an interesting mix of Steven Tyler meets Russel Brand.  His high energy performance is balanced out by his quirky English humor which is often times overlooked by U.S. audiences because they mistake Justin’s joking for being serious.

 Justin announced mid set that the band were releasing a new Live record on June 15, 2018 which was recorded Live at the Hammersmith and available for pre order via their website.

 Justin took the stage wearing a leopard unitard complete with matching cape.  His stage presence was undeniably glam and he is a born frontman!

 Rufus Tiger Taylor is the newest addition to the band and his lineage is quite interesting because his father is none of there than Roger Taylor from Queen!

 Justin invited the photographers to stay in the photo pit and shoot an additional song because he wanted to make sure each photographer had good shots.

 The Darkness had an amazing guitar tone which cut through the mix perfectly while Justin’s vocals were loud, sharp, and clear.  The drums and bass were strong but never overpowered the vocals.  

 The Darkness are a dying breed of rock band, they played a set which was 100% live with no tracks, no samples, and no enhancements.

 Dan Hawkins sported a satin Thin Lizzy jacket and anchored the rhythm in a manner reminiscent of Malcolm Young while Justin held down the leads similar to Angus Young.  Making that AC/DC comparison was easy when Justin came out for the bands encore sporting a pair of blue dress shorts and at one point he rode the neck of a roadie while he was carried through the crowd. 

 Before the band ripped into their biggest hit, “I Believe…” a fan began to pass out and Justin stopped the show for the security to help the ailing fan.  She was eventually brought to the side of the stage in a wheel chair so she could watch the rest of the performance.


Author: Bob Suehs