Mar 16, 2010

Megadeth (Chris Broderick) - Interview

Megadeth's Chris Broderick interviewed by Rock N Roll Experience
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I was escorted backstage at Rams Head Live & the dressing rooms were filled so I was shown a chair in the hallway & told that is my interview site....lovely! I'm a pro and have done interviews in dirty vans, bathrooms, & even a park bench where bums routinely sleep so I'm a trooper & I can deal with anything! I see Dave Ellefson walking around in the background & Dave Mustaine walks right by me to leave the venue for a bit; Chris Broderick is brought out to me & to be honest with you, he has the nicest, calmest, coolest demeanor to him, he has a pleasant smile & laughs as he says to me, "I just washed my hands, so you can shake my hand if you want, but I will warn you, my hands are still wet!" & I proceed to offer Chris the actual chair to sit in & I sit atop a road case to conduct the interview.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a full fledged member of Megadeth now or just a touring member?

Chris Broderick: Full Fledged, definitly

Rock N Roll Experience: When it came to writing your solo's on "End Game", did you write all your solo's on your own or did Mustaine kinda tell you what he wanted?

Chris Broderick: It was actually...I wrote all of the solos, and then, if there were any suggestions that he had or anything that he wanted to hear differently, any ideas that he had, he would definitely let me know & I'd do my best to kinda implement those, but I would say probably, if there were a certain percentage of changed parts, it would probably be maybe 15% to 20% tops

Rock N Roll Experience: I asked that question to you because of the situation going on between Jeff Young & Dave Mustaine where Mustaine said he hummed out the solo's to Young & Young called Mustaine out on the matter.

Chris Broderick: I can't really quote about that because it's a situation I don't know anything about

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you have a hard time nailing Marty Friedman's solos?

Chris Broderick: Well, for me, I don't know if I necessarily quantify things in "Hard or Easy", I know I have a goal & I know I have what I have to achieve & I start working from there, so are Marty's solo's challenging? Yes! definitely, but, I just do my best to re-create them faithfully and kinda like, honor his solos the best I can.

Rock N Roll Experience: How long did it take you to learn Marty's solos?

Chris Broderick: It depends, like the first one I learned was "Holy Wars" which was one I had zero experience with, how he played things, and I had to have that, along with 22 other songs down within a month for the first tour, so, if you put all of that time for that solo alone, I would say I would have had it down, but it's one of those things that, even after I got on tour, I'm still working on it today! I've already gone over that (Holy Wars) solo today to get it down & to try & make it better. It's one of those things where you'll never reach perfection, but you can always try!

Rock N Roll Experience: So are you a guitar player who always practices?

Chris Broderick: Yes, yes! (laughs & tour manager Andre chimes in "ALWAYS!") Everyone here will tell you.

Rock N Roll Experience: So roughly, how many hours a day to you practice?

Chris Broderick: It all depends on whether I'm doing interviews or traveling, or stuck on a bus, or whatever, but usually on show days I get about 6 hours in & on days off I will get even more like around 8 hours, but it all depends on the time constraints.

Rock N Roll Experience: With your style of playing, do you break strings very often?

Chris Broderick: No, and that's a weird thing because I tend to feel like I hit the strings pretty hard but I don't often break strings, but in this camp, we change strings every night so my main guitar always has a new set of strings on it. It's to keep a bright sound & who wants to break a string if you don't have to?

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a guitarist who will play with the same guitar pic for the entire set?

Chris Broderick: (laughs) Yes, definitely, a little bit of it is, I get used to it, I don't wanna change it kinda thing, but the more I play, the more I tend to like the pics like right when I pick them up when they are brand new & so I can see that happening down the road, but right now I tend to hang onto the same pic for a show or 2 sometimes

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever tease Mustaine for having a former member of White Lion (James Lomenzo) in the band?

Chris Broderick: (laughs) No, not at all, because I have so much respect for James & he's a great player, he's well rounded & he's been in so many other projects too, you know, & he would probably be right up there poking fun of himself as well, so...

Rock N Roll Experience: Oh yeah, James is a great player & I love his work in Black Label Society as well as White Lion, but I couldn't help but laugh when a former member of a hair band joined a thrash metal band like Megadeth.

Chris Broderick: Oh yeah, definitely! I remember thinking alot of the same things you are, Vito Bratto (White Lion) was a great guitarist & definitely James, but as a whole, the band didn't really...I didn't go out & buy White Lion cd's.

Rock N Roll Experience: Were you into the hair band stuff at all?

Chris Broderick: Some of it I got caught into...anything with a really good guitarist. Dokken with George Lynch, I don't know if I'd consider them a hair band, but I really liked King Diamond back in the day with Andy LaRoche & I loved that era when they had Mikkey Dee in there, Queensryche kinda went through a slight hair stage but they were more progressive, but Dokken is the most hair band that I kinda listened to, but it was purely George Lynch

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever see Dokken in concert?

Chris Broderick: Yes, it was pretty late, I think it was like on their "Dream Warriors" tour, that was when I was starting to fall off the bandwagon with them.

Rock N Roll Experience: What's been the highlight of being in Megadeth for you so far?

Chris Broderick: It's been 2 things....1, it's meeting all the new people because it's such a new demographic of people, a new fanbase & it's insane...the just all seem so appreciative of what you do, that's something I didn't really expect because I'm coming in, having to fill in for alot of really good players & so I was really pleased when people were so kind to me. The second thing that makes me really happy is that this has really enabled me to grow as a player & a performer & I mean, for that, I owe a huge debt to Dave & Megadeth.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you slightly intimidated to tour with Metallica?

Chris Broderick: No, not at me, that doesn't matter. Whether I'm playing a club like tonight, or I'm playing a venue of 60,000, my focus is always the same, it's to focus on what you have to present, focus on what you have to do...your job, what you're going to play, so, no...alot of people have asked me, ohhh, aren't you excited about playing with Metallica? & I guess it's an awesome experience & a great honor in a way, but, again, when it comes down to it, I'm only thinking about what I have to do.


Author: Bob Suehs