May 26, 2018

The Longshot - Ottobar

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Baltimore, MD

 The Longshot Set List:  Kill Your Friends, Devil’s Kind, Taxi Driver, Happiness, Rockaway Beach (Ramones Cover), Soul Surrender, Bastards of Young (Replacements Cover), As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones cover), Cult Hero, Fell For You (Green Day cover), Walking Out On Love (The Nerves cover), Body Bag, Love is for Losers, Turn Me Loose, Stay The Night (Green Day cover), I Fought The Law (Buddy Holly cover), Chasing A Ghost, ENCORE:  Fever Blister, Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie cover), Kiss Me Deadly (Generation X cover)

 Billie Joe Armstrong is best known as the fearless leader of 90’s punk rock icon’s Green Day.  Billie Joe has a large voice which emanates from his tiny frame; the pixie like punker has a new side project entitled The Longshot.  The bands first official tour saw them performing in tiny rock clubs and every show date sold out within seconds.  

 The Baltimore tour stop happened at The Ottobar in downtown Baltimore.  New York rockers The Trashbags opened.

 The Trashbags were a typical New York punk band with a female guitarist sporting a mullet.  What the band lacked in musical ability they made up for in energy.  At various points in their set the bands singer was in the crowd singing amongst the fans.  The bands set culminated fast and to the point which primed the audience for Billie Joe.

 The Longshot features Billie Joe on vocals/guitar, Jeff Matika on bass, David Field on drums, and Kevin Preston on guitar.

 The Longshot performed a set that mixed covers with original material.  The covers were relatively obscure and a perfect balance for fans who wanted to see what the band could do as an original act; tossing in songs by some recognizable artists such as The Ramones and The Rolling Stones was rather smart.

 Lead guitarist Kevin Preston stole the show at times with his flashy playing, non stop movement, and energy.  Towards the middle of the set Billie Joe went to Kevin’s side of the stage and gave him a full on the lips kiss.

 The tiny Ottobar was packed to capacity and what made the show bad at times was the lack of security when they were needed.  Crowd surfing is strictly prohibited at the Ottobar and any fans caught doing so were promptly ejected from the club.

 Just before the encore Billie invited everyone in the room to take the stage.  This created an instant chaos where fans were shoving each other to make their way to the stage.  Audience members filled the tiny stage to a point where the band could not move, instruments were unplugged, and fans were stealing set lists, guitar picks, and drumsticks while taking selfies with band members.

 The 3 song encore consisted of one original and 2 covers.  “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie was the highlight of the show and sounded absolutely amazing.  The last song of the night as “Kiss Me Deadly” which failed to rock as hard as “Ziggy Stardust” did.

 90 minutes after the show ended Billie greeted fans for several minutes signing autographs and snapping selfies.  The lack of security was extremely obvious at this point because the unruly fans were bum rushing Billie and treating him like an animal.

 The Longshot delivered an impressive set and this show will definitley go down in Ottobar’s history as one of the biggest events they ever hosted!

Author: Bob Suehs